Othercide Deacon Boss Guide How To Defeat Deacon Boss Fight

The Deacon is the second boss in Othercide, and he’ll make you pray for mercy. The battle is somewhat tough, but a little preparation, especially after the Surgeon fight should carry the day. Here’s our boss guide to help you out.

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Othercide: The Deacon boss guide

The Surgeon boss fight info

  • Health – 22,000
  • Squad limit – Four
  • Curse (instant) – AoE damage; delays characters in melee range
  • Mass (charged) – does roughly 3,000+ damage to all Daughters within a hexagonal grid around the boss
  • Confession (reaction) – furthest Daughter becomes “penitent” (allowed to move and act); all other Daughters are rooted on the spot and delayed
  • Fervor (phase transition) – after reaching 50% health; resets initiative to zero (takes a turn after you’re done)

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The Confession mechanic will be the most important factor in Othercide‘s Deacon boss fight. More often than not, it’s your Soulsingers that’ll become the “penitent” character since they’re ranged classes. That also means the remaining three Daughters won’t be able to do much.

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Phase transition

Once the Deacon boss goes below 50% health, he’ll switch to phase two and gain new abilities:

  • Holy Cross (reaction) – when attacked, damage everyone in a cross-shaped area; the attacks emanates from the boss’ current location and is avoidable with some careful repositioning
  • Liturgy (charged) – does 900 damage to everyone caught in a massive area; the safe spots are closer to the boss

Liturgy is extremely deadly due to its wide coverage (seen below). If the boss uses Confession and multiple Daughters get rooted, or some entered a burst status and can’t take their turns yet, it’s highly likely that they won’t be able to move away from this.

Otc Bss Dcn 1


If possible, make sure that your Shieldbearer is further back at the beginning of this Othercide boss fight. This ensures that she’ll become “penitent” and thus be able to move and, eventually Slam to boss to delay him. Your Soulsinger/s, meanwhile, should keep doing their ranged shots, but be careful not to enter a burst state. Don’t forget to use Intercepting Round and Shadow Round when necessary.

Otc Bss Dcn 2

As for your Blademaster, if you’ve unlocked Accepting Stance, she can gain a buff like the Soulsinger’s Spirit Haste. This will proc a free melee attack and probably trigger additional hits from Shadow Round.

Otc Bss Dcn 3

When you’ve sent the Deacon back to his confession box, you’ll be given a couple of Remembrances. The Heavy Key allows all newborn Daughters to start at level 7 and the Clock Key lets you skip an additional era. This stacks with the Buried Gear Remembrance from the Surgeon boss fight (so any new recollection/restart will have you begin in chapter three).

Othercide Deacon Boss Guide How To Defeat Deacon Boss Fight 3

Othercide is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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