Destiny 2 Gifted Conviction Vs Balance Of Power
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Should you choose Gifted Conviction or Balance of Power in Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

Which Hunter Exotic should you choose after The Final Shape?

There are a ton of new Exotics introduced in Destiny 2 The Final Shape for all three classes, but Hunters get some of the coolest gear out of the three. Gifted Conviction and Balance of Power are the two new Hunter Exotic armor pieces in The Final Shape, and both are very strong pieces of gear.

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While you can obtain these Exotics from Master Rahool after you unlock Tier Three Exotic focusing by maxing out his reputation, you’ll get to choose between the two after completing The Final Shape campaign on Legendary. Finishing the campaign on Legendary is quite the challenge, however, so you’ll want to be sure you choose the best one for your build.

Gifted Conviction vs Balance of Power in Destiny 2

If you complete The Final Shape campaign on Legendary as a Hunter in Destiny 2, you’ll be granted a choice between Balance of Power and Gifted Conviction as your first new piece of Exotic gear. Regardless of which one you choose, they’ll each have a 64-stat spread so they won’t be amazing rolls.

Destiny 2 Balance Of Power Hunter Exotic
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Balance of Power is a piece of Exotic leg armor for Hunters. Its Exotic perk is Double Down, which increases the durability and duration of the Threaded Specter decoy for Strand Hunters. It also causes the Threaded Specter to release more Threadlings when damaged, and as a bonus, Hunters who stand near their decoy will not appear on radar in PVP. Threaded Specter is also available as an ability for Prismatic Hunters as well, so it works with that subclass too.

Destiny 2 Gifted Conviction Hunter Exotic
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Gifted Conviction is a piece of Exotic chest armor for Hunters. Its Exotic perk is The Gift of Certainty, which releases bouncing Jolting explosives when Hunters cast Ascension or Tempest Strike. With this Exotic equipped, Jolting enemies will provide increased damage resistance to Hunters as well. Both Ascension and Tempest Strike are Prismatic abilities too, so you can use the new subclass with this Exotic.

Ultimately, the better choice between the two comes down to your personal playstyle. If you like using the Threaded Specter decoy and love the Strand subclass, go with Balance of Power. It’s also the better choice for PVP since you can hide from enemies’ radars and gain the upper hand in duels. If you’re a diehard Arc main, though, then Gifted Conviction rocks. It gives Arc (and Prismatic) Hunters an extra layer of survivability, which is something that’s always appreciated.

You can easily acquire both of these Exotic armor pieces from Master Rahool in the Tower, though, so don’t think too hard about this initial choice. Just pick the one that sounds the coolest to you and you can get the other one later down the line. There are too many exciting Exotics to earn in The Final Shape to get caught up on one single decision, anyway.

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