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Should you choose Classic or Legendary difficulty for The Final Shape in Destiny 2?

Which difficulty is best for The Final Shape?

As is the case with most Destiny 2 campaigns, you can play The Final Shape on either Classic or Legendary mode. Both difficulty levels offer a wildly different experience, and dedicated players will be rewarded with the best gear if they’re up to the challenge of Legendary.

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When you first start The Final Shape campaign in Destiny 2, you’ll be prompted to choose your difficulty level. You can swap between the two at either time, but you’ll need to complete every single mission on Legendary difficulty if you want to claim the bonus rewards like Exotic gear. Mission progress is tracked independently, so you can check which ones you’re missing later down the line.

Be Brave vs Become Legend in The Final Shape

If you choose “Be Brave” at the start of The Final Shape campaign, you’ll set the game to Classic difficulty. If you choose “Become Legend,” you’ll activate Legendary difficulty.

The difference between the two is the same as it was in previous Destiny 2 campaigns like The Witch Queen and Lightfall. Classic mode is the standard Destiny 2 experience and you can easily breeze through it, but Legendary mode features stronger combatants and requires a decent build to survive. You can tackle each mode either solo or with a fireteam of friends, but note that revives and respawns are limited on Legendary mode.

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If you manage to complete the entire Final Shape campaign on Legendary difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with a full set of powerful gear and other rewards. You’ll receive a full set of power-level 1960 armor, which gives you a headstart on reaching the new powerful cap and preparing for the Final Shape raid. You’ll also get a piece of Exotic armor upon campaign completion, plus a Triumph and an emblem to show off.

If you’re an experienced Destiny 2 player with a decent build, then we recommend at least giving Legendary difficulty a chance for The Final Shape. The rewards on offer are just too great to pass up, and you can always lower the difficulty if you aren’t having fun. You can always go back and attempt the harder difficulty for each mission later once you’ve powered up and obtained some new gear from The Final Shape, like the Prismatic sublcass or new Exotic armor.

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