All Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 ranked worst to best
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All Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 ranked worst to best

It's time for some spicy new builds!

Fragments are the foundations of every build in Destiny 2. The new and shiny Prismatic additions are the same but aren’t created equally. Here are all the Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2, ranked from worst to best.

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Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments ranked.

Before we dive into the Fragments, I want to quickly explain the criteria. The top-performing Fragments on this list are flexible and fit into many builds while offering superb bonuses. Lower-ranking Fragments are either niche or have benefits that aren’t worth the slot compared to more potent options.

Image: Bungie

If you have a specific weapon or ability you’re building into, you may find many of the mid-tier Fragments on this list outperform those at the top.

Without further ado, here’s every Prismatic Fragment ranked worst to best and what they do:

#21 Facet of Defiance

  • Finisher kills create a detonation that applies an Elemental Effect based on equipped Super.

Finishers are powerful, but I can’t see a case where I’d ever spend a Fragment to strengthen them. Facet of Defiance may be worth it if the payoff was better, but I’m not sticking my neck out for an AoE Elemental Effect.

This Fragment is one of the few Prismatic options for which I can’t even see a niche case. If you’re obsessed with Finisher kills, don’t let me stop you.

#20 Facet of Justice

  • While Transcendent: Kills with abilities cause targets to explode.

Exploding targets is always satisfying, but I’m not sold on the utility of Facet of Justice. You need to be Transcendent to get any value from the Fragment and kills need to be made with abilities specifically. That’s two hoops to jump through for an explosion you can already get from multiple weapons.

Unless I’m missing something, the Facet of Justice doesn’t do enough to warrant the slot unless you’ve maximized your Transcendence uptime.

#19 Facet of Awakening

  • Rapid Elemental or Super kills generate an elemental pickup of the matching type.

I’m not sure about the Facet of Awakening. Landing rapid Elemental kills with weapon perks like Incandescent or Voltshot is pretty easy. The issue is whether the elemental pickups are worth it. I’m not convinced they provide enough value to spend a Prismatic Fragment slot outside of niche cases.

Not to mention, you still need to go and pick up the item when it drops, which can be risky in high-level content.

#18 Facet of Hope

  • Class Ability regenerates more quickly when you have an Elemental Buff active.

We always want to see our Class Abilities as often as possible, but I’m not convinced Facet of Hope is the way to do it. There will likely be plenty of viable uses for the Fragment, but they require specific builds focused on Elemental Buffs. Radiant and Devour spring to mind as decent Elemental Buff candidates, but Facet of Hope will need more restrictive builds to pop off.

#17 Facet of Mending

  • Grenade kills grant Cure. The Cure effect is enhanced if you score a kill with Transcendent Grenades.

While any form of Cure in Destiny 2 is lovely, is it really worth a Fragment slot? There will likely be content in The Final Shape where Cure will be helpful, but there are plenty of scenarios where it’s not. Facet of Mending is a niche Fragment, which doesn’t make it terrible, but it’s lower on the list because of it.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

#16 Facet of Purpose

  • Picking up an Orb of Power grants an elemental buff effect based on the equipped Super ability.

The Facet of Purpose grants the following buffs for each ability:

  • Solar: Restoration
  • Arc: Amplify
  • Void: Overshield
  • Strand: Woven Mail
  • Stasis: Frost Armor

There are some powerful buffs in the list, but the Fragment’s value does depend on what you’re using. As a fan of the Strand Titan, I’m already eyeing up that Woven Mail, but I can’t get too excited about the Arc Amplify. The only issue I have with this Fragment is that you need Orbs of Power to get it going, and they aren’t always available.

#15 Facet of Ruin

  • Increases the size of Solar Ignitions. Increases the size and damage from destroying Stasis Crystals and Frozen targets.

One of my guilty pleasures in Destiny 2 is running the Verglas Curve Bow as a Stasis Hunter and blowing everything up with Shatter Dive and Shatter Skating. Facet of Ruin seems built for obnoxious playstyles like that, but it remains a niche pick.

If you’re not running a Stasis or Solar build, Facet of Ruin does nothing, hence the low placement. I’ll use this on some of my favorite builds, but it doesn’t provide long-reaching utility.

#14 Facet of Dominance

  • Arc Grenades apply Jolt, and Void Grenades apply Weaken.

Weaken and Jolt are both decent debuffs, making Facet of Dominance worth the slot if you use them. The Fragment is pretty restrictive as you require specific Subclasses and a grenade-centric build. The restrictions prevent Facet of Dominance from placing higher, but it will shine in the right loadout.

#13 Facet of Devotion

  • Killing targets with a Darkness Debuff grants bonus Light Transcendence Energy.

Facet of Devotion offers another easy way to get Transcendence Energy, provided you land Darkness Debuffs. That said, plenty of Strand and Stasis weapons inflict debuffs, and you can always rely on your abilities.

As Facet of Devotion is a little restrictive, it’s not top-tier, in my opinion, but it may be busted on the right build.

#12 Facet of Bravery

  • Grenade kills grant Volatile Rounds to void weapons. Powered Melee kills grant Unravel Rounds to Strand Weapons.

Naturally, Facet of Bravery is both class and weapon-dependent, making it less of a slam-dunk than many other Prismatic Fragments. That said, I’ve seen more Hunters rocking the Graviton Lance in the last month than ever, and this Fragment feels like it’s made for them. I can’t rank the Facet of Bravery higher as it’s pretty restrictive. If your build reliably triggers the Fragment, it could become a staple.

#11 Facet of Blessing

  • Melee Kills trigger health regeneration. This ability affects nearby allies while you are Transcendent.

All Classes have easy access to decent melee abilities, so the Facet of Blessing could be a solid support Fragment. My only concern is that many builds already have some form of built-in regeneration. You could argue that more is always a good thing, but is it as good as it sounds vs the other Prismatic options?

If you’re leaning into your Melee ability, you’ll have a good time with Facet of Blessing, but it requires the right build.

All Prismatic Fragments in Destiny 2 ranked worst to best
Screenshot: PC Invasion

#10 Facet of Grace

  • Kinetic Weapon damage grants bonus Transcendence Energy. Super kills grant bonus Transcendence Energy to you and your allies.

I usually rock a Kinetic Weapon when I know I can’t match the shield types of my opponents. Facet of Grace rewards this with Transcendence Energy, which already makes it a strong contender. The secondary effect will come into play less often, but more Transcendence Energy is never a bad thing.

If you’re not using a Strand or Stasis weapon in your Primary slot, Facet of Grace is another superb Fragment that benefits you and your entire team. Honestly, I love this as you don’t have to jump through hoops for that sweet Transcendence Energy, and there are plenty of fantastic Kinetic Weapons, like the Midnight Coup.

#9 Facet of Command

  • Suppressing or Freezing targets reloads equipped weapons and grants weapon bonuses. Defeating Suppressed or Frozen targets creates Breach and Shard pickups.

This Fragment is extremely strong if you can reliably Freeze or Suppress your opponents. If you don’t mind being tied to specific weapons and Fragments, the instant reloading alone is enough to recommend the Fragment. At the time of writing, I’m unsure if the Facet of Command has any cooldowns to manage. If it does, it could knock the Fragment down a couple of tiers.

#8 Facet of Balance

  • Rapid kills with Light damage grant Melee Energy. Rapid kills with Dark damage grant Grenade Energy.

Facet of Balance offers faster access to your abilities regardless of subclass and is an easy Fragment to add to many builds. Every class enjoys reliable access to Melee and Grenade abilities, and Facet of Balance caters to both.

We’ll have to run the numbers, but this Fragment seems like a welcome addition to ability-intensive loadouts and provides a ton of value.

#7 Facet of Generosity

  • While Transcendent: Kills create Orbs of power for allies.

Facet of Generosity is a strong candidate if you’ve got a Prismatic Fragment slot to spare. Orbs mean more Super abilities, which is never a bad thing, regardless of content. We’ll have to do some testing to see precisely how many Orbs the Fragment generates.

If every single kill creates an Orb, Facet of Generosity may be one of the best Fragments in the game. Until I see a crowd of Thralls turn into a cloud of Orbs, I’d say this is a solid pick, and your Fireteam will love you for it.

#6 Facet of Honor

  • Collecting an elemental pickup or destroying a Tangle grants Transcendence energy of the same type.

At the time of writing, I’ve not thoroughly tested Transcendence, but anything that enables more uptime is welcome. My current Solar Titan build creates Firesprites all over the place, and as those are just one example of an elemental pickup, this is an easy Fragment to build around. I need more playtime to cement my thoughts for this one, but Facet of Honor seems strong on paper.

#5 Facet of Sacrifice

  • Ability kills grant bonus Darkness Transcendence Energy while you have a Light Buff.

Light Buffs include things like Devour and Radiant, and many builds can retain a decent uptime. With this in mind, Facet of Sacrifice offers easy access to more Transcendence Energy without requiring any restrictive build choices. This Fragment seems potent and something most builds can get value from.

#4 Facet of Solitude

  • Rapid Precision hits emit a Severing Burst from the target. The effect is enhanced while Transcendent.

I can see plenty of synergies with Facet of Solitude, and it’s easy to activate as it requires precision hits instead of kills. If you’re a fan of fast-firing weapons, Facet of Solitude will trigger Severing Bursts all over the place. We’ll need in-depth testing to determine how powerful an enhanced Severing Burst is, but this Fragment seems exceptionally strong.

The Facet of Solitude is easy to activate, has a strong perk, and doesn’t restrict your build choices.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

#3 Facet of Courage

  • Light Abilities deal increased damage to targets inflicted with Darkness debuffs.

We don’t have damage numbers for this Fragment at the time of writing, but it seems like free extra damage if you’re rocking Strand or Stasis and any Light Subclass. I’m rating Facet of Courage highly because all Classes can easily use it. It shouldn’t be too hard to get value from the Fragment, and it doesn’t tie you to a specific build as long as you’re using a light and dark subclass.

#2 Facet of Protection

  • Gain increased Damage Resistance while surrounded by enemies. Damage Resistance is enhanced while Transcendent.

Some hardcore Guardians will disregard Facet of Protection, but I think it’s a fantastic Fragment. Facet of Protection provides free Damage Resistance, which requires zero effort to activate. If you’re near enemies, you take less damage than usual, and it’s as simple as that.

Every build can use the Fragment; it doesn’t restrict your choices and works even better if you’re leaning into close-range combat or Powered Melee abilities. Sure, you may not get too much value from the Fragment in easier content, but you can say that about most options on this list.

#1 Facet of Dawn

  • Powered Melee Hits grant Radiant. Transcendent Powered Melee Kills also grant Radiant to nearby teammates.

Every class in Destiny 2 has easy access to powerful melee attacks. With this in mind, Facet of Dawn is incredibly strong as Radiant is such a potent buff, and it’s easy to trigger. This Fragment activates one of the best buffs in the game, and you can use it irrespective of your Subclass. I may rate Facet of Dawn a little too high, but I often use Powered Melee’s, and this Fragment offers an effortless upgrade to all of them.

Phew! That’s every Prismatic Fragment in The Final Shape. As I mentioned at the start of the list, don’t shy away from some of the niche Fragments if your build fits their Criteria. We’ve seen weird and wonderful builds shine in Destiny 2, and that trend will likely continue with the new Prismatic options.

Many Prismatic Fragments work well with the best Exotic weapons pre-Final Shape. We’re all looking forward to the new arsenal, but don’t sleep on the classics

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