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Fastest ways to farm Rahool reputation to reach Rank 16 in Destiny 2: Rank reset, explained

The faster you can reset his rank, the faster you can get all the new Exotics

Destiny 2 has never really been the game to change a lot of things with every expansion. However, with the launch of The Final Shape, a longtime D2 character has become even more useful than they used to be.

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That’s why we’re going to talk about the fastest ways to farm Rahool reputation to reach Rank 16 in Destiny 2 and explain how resetting his rank is the best thing for you to do.

Destiny 2 — Rahool Rank Reset, explained

Fastest Ways To Farm Rahool Reputation To Reach Rank 16 In Destiny 2 Reward
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When you go to the Tower to claim your special deliveries or see if anything has changed, you’ll want to make a B-line for Rahool. The Exotic Engram decryptor Rahool has been a mainstay since the days of Destiny 1, but now Bungie has decided to give him his own reputation rank.

He has his own list of rewards for leveling up his rank, but the one that really matters is the rank reset reward. By resetting your rank with Rahool you’ll unlock Tier 3 Exotic Focusing, a new system that allows you to spend 1 Exotic Engram and Cipher to receive any Exotic you want, even brand new ones. Once you start grabbing the new Exotics, make sure to equip the Ghost Armor mod, to earn gear with higher stats in categories you want. However, with no bounties to grab from him, you’ll have to rely on other methods to increase the rank.

How to reach Rank 16 with Rahool fast in Destiny 2

Fastest Ways To Farm Rahool Reputation To Reach Rank 16 In Destiny 2 Best Way
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There are a few ways to increase Rahools rank, but if you’re looking for the best ones to farm so you can hit that rank reset faster, we’ve got a few options. First, the fastest way to farm Rahool reputation to reach rank 16, is to perform Precision Decryptions (aka Tier 2 Exotic Focusing). This will cost you one Exotic Engram, two Ascendant Shards, and 60,000 Glimmer.

If you don’t feel like spending that many resources, the next best way to farm his ranks would be the Advanced Decryptions (Tier 1 Exotic Focusing) which cost you one Exotic Engram, 10 Enhancement Prisms, and 30,000 Glimmer.

Finally, you also receive a bit of rank progress simply by opening up any Prime engrams you may have. So if you’re like me, and decrypted all your purple engrams before TFS, you’ll have to wait a bit before you start earning those ranks. The good news is that you can spend your time in TFS campaign earning Prime Engrams, and increasing your power level to get close to hitting the Power Cap.

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