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How to solve Refracting Prismatic Key puzzle in Destiny 2

Those Runes will not be the end of you!

Puzzle solving can be especially tricky in Destiny 2 if you feel like you are getting cheated on. Here is how to solve the Refracting Prismatic puzzle and collect its chest key in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: How to solve Refracting Prismatic Key puzzle

The Refradcting Prismatic puzzle, as you might expect, is located at The Refraction which is the path that connects The Landing and The Blooming, two of the main areas in Pale Heart. If you are having trouble finding it you will want to travel to the northeast corner of The Landing where The Refraction’s entrance is located – and refrain from taking part in the Overthrow activity. Once inside follow the Spirit of Light – also known as the blue glowing bird – to traverse through The Refraction if you are getting lost. That way, halfway through you will find the Refracting Prismatic puzzle entrance.

  • Destiny 2 Refracting Prismatic Puzzle Location
  • Destiny 2 Refracting Entrance
  • Destiny 2 Spirit Of Light Refracting
  • Destiny 2 Refracting Puzzle Entrance

Once you enter the room, you will find three Hive Runes, a Solar Crystal on top, and, of course, a Prismatic chest. We will need to solve the puzzle in the room to get access to the key, so don’t go around exploring the Pale Heart in hopes of finding it.

Destiny 2 Refracting Puzzle Symbols
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The main goal of the puzzle is to deposit this Solar Crystal behind the matching Runes that appear once you pick it up. The trick is, however, that if you jump down to the first floor, all of these Runes will disappear, making finding the matching symbol locations a bit impossible. So, what I suggest you do instead is to use angling and positioning on the second floor to locate the matching Rune with their second-floor Rune locations.

  • Destiny 2 Solar Crystal
  • Destiny 2 Solar Crystal Symbols
  • Destiny 2 Symbols Disappear

These Hive Runes will unlock from top to bottom, with enemies popping up if you deposit the Solar Crystal incorrectly – they will also appear after your first Rune deposit. Here are the Rune locations with the starting point set in the Solar Crystal location:

  • Top Rune: Second Rune to the right.
  • Middle Rune: Third Rune to the left.
  • Bottom Rune: Last Rune to the right.
Destiny 2 Solar Crystal Deposit
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Once you deposit the Solar Crystal on each of the Runes on the second floor, some minor enemies and a couple of Bound Omen will appear in the room. Clear the room and you will get the Refracting Prismatic Puzzle key.

Destiny 2 Enemy Fight Refracting
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Finally, interact with the Prismatic Chest and you will receive your rewards, including XP, Glimmer, and, of course, the Facet of Justice Prismatic Fragment. This Fragment will increase your Intellect by 10 points and grant an explosion for each final blow when you are Transcendent.

  • Destiny 2 Refracting Prismatic Reward
  • Destiny 2 Facet Of Justice

As you can see, this puzzle can get a bit annoying thanks to the Hive Runes disappearing, but if you follow the locations above your only issue will be dealing with the enemies that spawn at the end. Be sure to explore all the areas across Pale Heart so you can find its secrets and a couple of regional chests that you will certainly need eventually.

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