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The First Descendant Ajax guide: Best build, loadout, weapons, modules, and more

Bullets? What bullets?

If you are an Ajax main, I don’t need to waste time explaining how great of a character he is. With this build, your Ajax will only become more effective at what he is already so good at in The First Descendant: being an absolute war machine.

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How to unlock Ajax in The First Descendant

If you didn’t choose Ajax as your starting character in The First Descendant, I feel bad for you, son. However, if you’re now playing and have decided you want a bit of the Ajax action, there are two ways you can unlock him.

The first method is to simply pay for him with premium currency. However, if you want to unlock him through gameplay, follow these steps.

Ajax First Descendant Build
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First, you need to head to Magister Anais located on the southwest of the main hub area in the game. From here, you can begin the task of collecting the materials needed for Ajax in The First Descendant. These materials are as follows:

Enhanced cell parts

  • Repton x192
  • Hardner x453
  • Hyper Cube x5
  • Ajax Enhanced Cell Blueprint x1
  • x150,000 gold

Stabilizer Part

  • Superfluid x384
  • Metal Accelerant x270
  • Arche Receptor x15
  • Ajax Stabilizer Blueprint x1
  • x150,000 gold

Spiral Catalyst Part

  • Monad Shard x402
  • Semiconstant Plasma x225
  • Optical Catalyst x13
  • Ajax Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
  • x150,000 gold

Code Part

  • Ajax Code

By beginning this quest, you will be guided through the steps required to unlock Ajax in The First Descendant. The trickiest part in my opinion is getting the Ajax Code through Amorphous Material Patterns. Once you have everything you need, return to Magister Anais and pay the 400,000 gold to unlock him.

Ajax playstyle and skills explained

Ajax is the tank of the game in every First Descendant build. He is focused on heavy defense for himself and reflecting shots back at enemies. He is a great standalone character and a benefit to any squad. Ajax provides defense through shielding, applying stun, and building his void energy.

To play Ajax, use his area of effect attacks, such as Expulsion and Void Walk, to knock enemies back. Once you have made some space, Orbit Barrier and Hyper Cube will provide the defensive wall needed to gain back health and throw dome bullets around.

Ajax has four active and one passive skill:

  • Orbit Barrier – This wall blocks incoming damage, repelling it back at enemies.
  • Void Walk – This ground slam attack stuns enemies in range.
  • Expulsion – A blast radius pushes enemies back, giving you room to breathe.
  • Hyper Cube – This functions as a huge dome shield, able to protect many allies at once.
  • Event Horizon – This builds energy while using skills. Once applied, it enhances all skills.

Best Ajax Build in The First Descendant

Putting together your Ajax build properly in The First Descendant will be the difference between him being good and great. With the right modules and accessories, Ajax can become an unstoppable force on the playing field.

Best Ajax Modules

Ajax Build First Descendant
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As with every build in The First Descendant, you want to look for the highest-level modules you can get. These are the ones I recommend for Ajax, but they work for my play style. I am working on building on what Ajax is already good at, which is defense.

  • Kicking – This modifies the charged sub-attack. However, it also raises your module capacity by 10.
  • Increased HP – Build on what Ajax already has with a boost to HP. The Hyper Cube shield scales on HP, so it adds an extra boost here too.
  • Skill Expansion – This one boosts the range of all Ajax Skills in his First Descendant build. This means his stomp attack, shields, and expulsion reaches a much further distance.
  • Nimble Fingers – This reduces the cooldown of skills. With Ajax, his enhancement is built by constant use of skills, so this helps reach that elevated level faster.
  • Increased Defence – Again, as well as improving defense, a lot of Ajax skills scale on defense, boosting this build further.
  • Spear and Shield – This boosts both skill power and defense.
  • HP Amplification – Although this drops the shield slightly, the boost to HP is massive. Ajax has shields to spare.

Best Ajax Reactor Stats and External Components

When choosing a Reactor for your Ajax build in The First Descendant, I suggest going for something that works with his skills and tech. So, if you want a good reactor for Ajax, look for the Materialised Mechanics Reactor, which can be farmed from the Sterile Land Large Nuclear Reactor mission. This is also a great place to farm for Kuiper Shards, too.

As for components, I would suggest the Annihilation set. This can be farmed by defeating the Devourer in The First Descendant. Once you understand how this boss works, you can blast through the fight in no time.

The First Descendant Kill The Devourer Boss Guide
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The reason I choose to have the full Annihilation set is for the bonuses that come along with it. By having two of the set, Ajax gains a plus to his skill duration. However, having the full four set actually boosts firearm damage depending on how much HP is lost. Ajax can take a beating, so this works very much in his favor. Especially when using the right gun.

Best Weapons for Ajax in The First Descendant

At the moment, there is one gun that should be on everyone’s Ajax build list in The First Descendant. This weapon is the current meta, and it is called the Tamer. It can be unlocked by running through the Abandoned Reconstruction Site Battlefield Mission in the Agna Desert region of the game. It has a 50% drop rate, so you have a lot of chances to get a great roll.

Pairing this with mods like Action and Reaction and Weak Point Detection makes this an absolute boss killer for your Ajax build in The First Descendant. If you’re done with your Ajax build, try moving on to one of the many other Descendants in the game.

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