Wasteland 3 Endings Epilogues

All journeys must come to an end eventually. Here’s our endings guide that shows you various epilogues I’ve obtained during my Wasteland 3 playthrough.

Note: Please be reminded that this guide will have major spoilers.

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Wasteland 3: Endings and epilogues

For the sake of clarity, I consider an “ending” to be the overall arc or major conclusion to Wasteland 3‘s storyline. “Epilogues,” meanwhile, are snippets of information about certain characters or factions that follow certain endings.

Note: The outcomes might be different given your choices throughout Wasteland 3‘s campaign.

“Oops” ending

How to obtain: When you meet Morningstar in Union Station, keep trying to “fix” it.

Result: Morningstar explodes and your Wasteland 3 adventure abruptly ends.

Wsl Endep Morningstar

Chaos ending

How to obtain: Before taking out Liberty Buchanan, visit the Patriarch’s Palace and defeat Colorado’s head honcho there.

Result: Without the Patriarch to lead Colorado Springs, Liberty’s gangs overrun the city. Chaos and destruction followed. The people of Colorado rue the day the Desert Rangers arrived.

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Liberty’s Army ending

How to obtain: While confronting Liberty Buchanan, choose the Kiss Ass 10 option. Then, suggest to her that the Rangers’ Team November could become part of her army. She’ll agree as long as you don’t have Vic, Lucia, or Ironclad Cordite in your party since they will be eager for a fight instead.

Result: With Team November as part of Liberty’s forces, the Patriarch’s troops are decimated. She lets her father live and parades him in a cage wherever she goes. No one knows what happened to the Desert Rangers in Arizona since they received no aid.

Wasteland 3 Endings Epilogues 3

Patriarch ending

How to obtain: While confronting Liberty Buchanan, choose the Hard Ass 10 option to make her surrender immediately. Alternatively, pick Nerd Stuff 10 to sabotage her robots and engage her in battle (with an advantage). Defeat and then arrest (or kill) her. Once you return to the world map, choose to side with the Patriarch, and complete the final chapter.

Result: Colorado retains stability thanks to your help. You can either stay here or return to Arizona. Still, the Patriarch keeps his promise by sending supply convoys to the Desert Rangers as often as possible. You’re given options on what to do with Angela Deth and her squad such as executing or exiling them from Colorado. You’ll also see how the Patriarch reacts to Liberty Buchanan assuming she’s still alive.

Wasteland 3 Endings Epilogues 4

Angela Deth ending

How to obtain: Rescue Ironclad Cordite and complete his quest to unite the gangs in Yuma County. Then, while confronting Liberty Buchanan, choose the Hard Ass 10 option to make her surrender immediately. Alternatively, pick Nerd Stuff 10 to sabotage her robots and engage her in battle (with an advantage). Defeat and then arrest (or kill) her. Once you return to the world map, choose to side with Angela Deth, and complete the final chapter.

Result: You have several options on what to do with the Patriarch: exile, execute, hold a trial, or throw him to the mob. Angela Deth will also ask you if you wish to stay in Colorado or return to Arizona. If you decide to stay in Colorado, you can ask the remaining Desert Rangers led by General Woodson to travel to this new state as well.

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Wasteland 3’s Epilogues


The epilogues for some unique characters will be different depending on the choices you’ve made especially during Wasteland 3′s final act.

Marshal Kwon:

  • Patriarch’s side: Kwon will happily join the Rangers.
  • Angela’s side: You can arrest or execute Kwon during the final chapter. Arresting him will leave him disgruntled. Executing him, meanwhile, will show a picture of his grave and it’s said that it’s visited by a mysterious woman (Ten of Hearts from Little Vegas’ brothel).

Wsl Endep 1

Lucia Wesson:

  • Patriarch’s side: Lucia will continue as a member of the Rangers and will be the liaison to the Hundred Families.
  • Angela’s side: Lucia will be gunned down as she attempts to mutiny (at least in my Wasteland 3 playthrough). She doesn’t appear in an epilogue.

Wsl Endep 2

Ironclad Cordite:

  • Patriarch’s side: Cordite will leave your squad beforehand. The epilogue shows that he’s promising to return to Colorado to wage war.
  • Angela’s side: Cordite will leave with the Eastern Plains gangs to fulfill his destiny to become the ruler of Kansas.

Wsl Endep 3

Jodie Bell:

  • Patriarch’s side: Thanks to the Patriarch’s supplies, her parents’ farm in Arizona continues to prosper.
  • Angela’s side: She leaves during the final act. If you had the Rangers move to Colorado, it’s revealed that there was no one to help her parents when their farm was raided by bandits. Jodie becomes filled with bitterness.

Wsl Endep 4

Fishlips – He goes back to leading the Hard-Heads gang.

Pizepi Joren – She’ll still remain as a valuable member of the Rangers.

Scotchmo – He’s still drunk somewhere.

Victory Buchanan – Whichever side you picked, Victory Buchanan will attempt to stake his claim on Colorado. But, the Payasos feed him a Clown Burger which kills him.

Morningstar – Your Kodiak “retires” from service, so Morningstar just happily explores America.

Angela Deth – Depending on your choices during the final act, you’ll find out what happened to Angela Deth and her troops.

Wsl Endep 5

Factions and locations

You’ll also see a few epilogues related to the factions and locations you’ve encountered in Wasteland 3. Here are some examples:

  • The Gippers/Denver – Oil will still flow to Colorado Springs provided that the Gippers weren’t wiped out by you or the Godfishers.
  • Monster Army/The Bizarre – Flab the Inhaler may or may not hold on to power depending on your decisions.
  • Wastelander Refugees – I was “loved” by this faction during my playthrough, so it’s mentioned that they’re the most numerous, but the Rangers had no troubles with them.
  • The Gift/The Breathers – If The Gift and her “friendly” Breathers survive, it’s said that they left Colorado and traveled to the mountains, becoming legends in their own right.

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Wasteland 3 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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