Wasteland 3 Final Battle Final Act Angela Deth Or Patriarch

The road to progress in Wasteland 3 might as well be paved in blood. You’ll need to make tough decisions as you’re forced to side with either the Patriarch or Angela Deth. This is the game’s closing chapter — the final battle for Colorado.

Note: Please be reminded that this guide will have major spoilers. For more locations or quests, you can head back to our walkthrough’s main page. Alternatively, you can check our Wasteland 3 guides and features hub.

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Wasteland 3: The final battle – Angela Deth vs. the Patriarch

It’s time to pick a side. After dealing with Liberty Buchanan and exiting back to the world map, Angela Deth gives you an ultimatum:

  • Side with her and bring down the Patriarch so the Rangers can manage Colorado.
  • Stick with the Patriarch and keep Colorado stable.

Whatever your decision might be, there will be big changes once you reach Ranger HQ. You’ll realize that half the base’s personnel remained loyal and the other half will become part of the opposing side.

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The loyalists and traitors

You then need to speak with the companions you’ve recruited to know where they stand. Bear in mind that some characters’ reactions are set in stone, while there are those that are more malleable depending on the decisions you’ve made during Wasteland 3‘s campaign.

For instance, Lucia in my playthrough didn’t want me to side with Angela Deth and she got executed. However, I’ve been told that it’s possible for her to stick around based on certain factors.

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Anyway, here’s what I’ve experienced. Note that N/A means the characters will stay with you regardless of your decision:

Character Side with the Patriarch Side with Angela Deth
Marshal Kwon Stays Arrested; can be executed
Lucia Wesson Stays Shot by Angela
Jodie Bell Stays Leaves
Ironclad Cordite Leaves Stays
Victory Buchanan Knocked out by Sgt. Greatski Stays
Scotchmo N/A N/A
Pizepi Joren N/A N/A
Fishlips N/A N/A

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Likewise, you’re told to pick your team members and the Ranger menu opens up. The problem was that all my custom Rangers were greyed out. I’m not sure if this is working as intended — i.e., it’s implied that any custom character I didn’t bring to Yuma County somehow mutinied — or if it’s a bug.

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The Ranger HQ revolt

Both sides: Whether you sided with Angela or the Patriarch won’t matter since you have a similar objective: disable the alert system via the terminals in the garage, armory, and brig.

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Then, use the control room terminal to open up the tunnel to Downtown Colorado Springs. This won’t actually give you a shortcut directly to Colorado Springs’ market square. However, you’ll be able to use the Kodiak during the final battle if you complete these steps.

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Anyway, these were the reactions of various Ranger HQ personnel. Oh, and before I forget, do not aggro anyone in the front yard unless you want to pick a fight with half a dozen enemies.

You could try to make a mental note of old friends that you now oppose. For instance, Sgt. Greatski, Frank Pappas, Riley Woodson, Rook, and La Loca will remain loyal to the Patriarch’s cause since they think that’s the only way to save the Rangers in Arizona.

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Downtown Colorado Springs

Make your way to the footpath south of Ranger HQ’s yard to reach Downtown Colorado Springs. You’ll realize that the conflict is raging here as well.

Patriarch’s side: The marshals (regardless of your reputation) will be glad that you arrived. The refugees are taking them on. However, depending on your rep, you can make them back down.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 1a

Angela’s side: In my playthrough, I was “loved” by the refugees, but “disliked” by the marshals. I had no way to call off the hostilities so I had to kill Sheriff Daisy and co.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 1b

When you reach the Patriarch’s museum, have one character step on the plate and another character should press the red button. This will open up the terminal. Use Nerd Stuff 8 or Mechanics 8 to raise the elevator for your Kodiak (assuming you completed the objectives in Ranger HQ).

When you’re ready, open the door and start the final encounter in Wasteland 3.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 1c

It’s time to end this

Patriarch’s side: I genuinely chuckled here. For some reason, Angela Deth and her squad just waltzed in on their trucks and I had the option to make her surrender immediately (Hard Ass 10).

Then, more dialogue options appeared:

  • Kiss Ass 10 – Angela gets arrested; Pistol Pete, Brother Thomas, and Takayuki are free to go.
  • Banish – Everyone gets banished from Colorado for good.
  • Attack – You can still fight and kill everyone.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 2a

The Patriarch then asks you if you’re willing to stay in Colorado and call it your new home. Alternatively, you could return to Arizona to help the Rangers rebuild there.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 2b

Angela’s side: The Patriarch is driving his tank, Manifest Destiny, and he’s flanked by his two loyal bodyguards — Adamant and Immaculate. As far as I know, there’s no way to avoid a battle.

If you’ve got the Kodiak, you can easily make this encounter a cakewalk — i.e., one cluster bomb. A couple of turns later, three elite bodyguards will arrive, but I just ran them over with the Kodiak (haha).

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 3a

You have a few decisions to make once you’re done:

  • Arrest the Patriarch.
  • Execute the Patriarch.
  • Hand him over to the mob.
  • Exile him.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 3c

After that, Angela asks what you’ll do next:

  • Do you call General Woodson and have him bring the Rangers to Colorado? Or do you return to Arizona?
  • If Woodson and the other Rangers go to Colorado, you have another option regarding Angela (Kiss Ass 9) where you can smooth things over. If you don’t meet the requirements, Angela and her squad will depart Colorado.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 3d

If you’re interested in learning more about Wasteland 3‘s various outcomes, head over to our endings and epilogues guide.

Wsl3 Wlk Ending Chap 3e

Wasteland 3 is available via Steam.

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