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The Constancy Automatic is a unique, golden weapon that you can find in Deathloop. It’s a pistol with a high rate of fire, and it can reload while you’re shooting your foes. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you obtain the Constancy Automatic golden weapon.

Note: For more information, check out our Deathloop guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers. You may also take a look at our guides concerning other golden/legendary weapons such as the Sepulchra Breteira, Strelak Verso, and Heritage Gun.


Deathloop golden weapon guide – How to get the Constancy Automatic

Fristad Rock (morning)

The Constancy Automatic comes from Frank, one of the AEON Visionaries in Deathloop. He can be found inside his bar in Fristad Rock during the morning. From the spawn area, just follow the main highway as it loops around. You’ll see the bar from a distance.

At the entrance, you’re required to get a Classpass. This will open all the doors inside the establishment. However, this will block you from using your Slab powers, including Reprise. That means a single death will be enough to reset the entire day (which is fine since it’s still morning).

Dthlp Glwep Cnstaut 1

Anyway, you can sneak past the mobs here, or go in with guns blazing. Don’t forget to use your Hackamajig to disable cameras and take control of turrets.

Once you do reach Frank’s studio, you’ll see that he’s holed up inside with two of his henchmen. The glass is bulletproof, but you can place multiple turrets to watch the doorways. You can then look for a button at the left-hand side of the door to open it. Frank and his pals will get mulched into mincemeat.

Dthlp Glwep Cnstaut 2

There’s a Classpass machine at the top of the stairs in Frank’s bedroom. You can deactivate the Classpass so you can use your powers again. You might need to wear it, though, just to get past the doorways (just use the machine at the entrance to remove it).

Once Frank is dead, you can pick up the Constancy Automatic. To be frank (pun intended), I’m not sure if this is a guaranteed drop or if it’s RNG-based. I do know that I got it on my first kill.

Deathloop Automatic Golden Weapon Guide Where To Find The Constancy Automatic Golden Weapon 1

Anyway, the Constancy Automatic golden weapon in Deathloop has the following perks:

  • Snare – Slows down enemies on hit.
  • Unique – Reload and fire at the same time.

You can attach mods like Shock Absorber (reduced recoil), Big Box (increased mag capacity), and Hailfire (increased rate of fire). Don’t bother with reload perks since this golden weapon automatically reloads anyway.

Deathloop Automatic Golden Weapon Guide Where To Find The Constancy Automatic Golden Weapon 2a

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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