Deathloop: How to get the Heritage Gun golden weapon

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations

The Heritage Gun is a golden weapon that you can acquire in Deathloop. Compared to the others, this one can be a painstaking task. Your goal is to find several gift boxes/presents, and there’s also a high chance of failure. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you obtain the Heritage Gun. This is part of an Arsenal Lead quest called “Super Shifty” which entails playing a so-called Reward Scheme.

Note: For more information, check out our Deathloop guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers. You may also take a look at our guides concerning other golden/legendary weapons such as the Constancy Automatic, Sepulchra Breteira, and Strelak Verso.


Deathloop golden weapon guide – How to get the Heritage Gun

Karl’s Bay (evening)

When you arrive in Karl’s Bay during the evening, you’ll see a couple of Eternalists who are trying to open a box that’s been left on the street. It suddenly explodes, killing them both.

Then, a recording of Charlie plays, telling you that he’s got a Reward Scheme game. This makes the “Super Shifty” quest appear as a notification.

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Super Shifty: Rewards Scheme – Main objective

The objective of this game is to open five gift boxes that are scattered all over Karl’s Bay. The locations are always random whenever you load in. Now, these boxes might sometimes have traps, or they’re surrounded by enemies. If they get damaged by bullets or explosions, it counts as a failure and you’d need to repeat the loop/cycle.

In some cases, red smoke will come out of the box. Get out of there immediately because it will explode (likely killing Colt). If there’s green smoke, however, then you’ll receive an item inside, such as an epic trinket.

Note 1: Instead of redoing the entire loop/cycle if you fail, my suggestion would be to exit back to Deathloop‘s main menu. Thanks to the game’s autosave system, it’s as though nothing happened if you reload. You can redo Super Shifty: Rewards Scheme again. But, the locations would be randomized.

Note 2: The boxes have a ticking sound. You can turn off the music so you can hear the sound effect more clearly.

Note 3: To make the whole endeavor easier, make sure you have the Shift Slab power. Likewise, you can pick Aether so you can turn invisible when avoiding mobs.

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Map of gift boxes and presents

So, how exactly do you know which ones are out there? Well, simply go to the Fathoms of Lament, the haunted house-style building in the middle of Karl’s Bay. Eliminate the mobs here while you’re at it.

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations 1a

Next, take a look at the map. You’ll see a few blue circles and five white ones. The blue ones are those that have already been opened/destroyed, which means they don’t count. It’s the white circles that we need to focus on.

You can see from the image below which particular locations I got (the entrance tunnels are situated in the southern section of this map):

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations 1b

Locations of gift boxes and presents

Again, because of randomization in Deathloop, you might get different spots from time to time. Here are some examples:

  • Gardens of Perception (southwest alley) – It’s surrounded by mobs.
  • Western alley – It’s past the Gardens of Perception area.
  • Southeast ice flows – It’s along the coast and there are several mobs here.
  • Entrance alley – It’s the alley behind Forever Young, a building near the entrance tunnels.
  • Plane (central/explosives) – It’s surrounded by soldiers and explosive canisters. Don’t blow up the gift box accidentally.
  • Plane (central/turrets) – This is in front of Hangar 1 and 2. You’ll want to disable the turrets from further away. You can see this specific spot in the image below.
  • Plane (northeast) – At the northeast corner behind Hangar 2. There are several mobs here.
  • Hangar 1 and 2 alley – This one has several mines that need to be disarmed.
  • Coital Center – I know that there’s a box that will sometimes spawn in the Coital Center. But it often gets destroyed when I kill the soldier there. I’m guessing that it might have something to do with Amador, the Eternalist guard who’s about to get sacrificed by Harriet.
  • Haul-A-Quin – It’s possible that the Haul-A-Quin (near the entrance tunnel) becomes a marked location, too. It needs a battery, and you can find one inside an apartment building in the Gardens of Perception (enter the apartment through a window).

Dthlp Hrt Sg Gd 3

Hangar 2 puzzle

This one is where you’d normally fight Harriet in the morning. The main lever is here and it’s right next to the gift box. When you activate it, there’s a 30-second countdown. Your goal is to pull the levers in the correct order (denoted by their loud ticking noise). In my experience, the order has always been:

  • Lever 1 – Right-side walkway near the entrance to Harriet’s chamber.
  • Lever 2 – Lower walkway on the left side just below the window to Harriet’s room.
  • Lever 3 – Back area of the walkway.
  • Lever 4 – Right-side walkway that’s closer to the back.
  • Lever 5 – On the nose of the plane that’s dangling in the center.

Tagging each lever stops the clock temporarily. If you manage to pull all five in the correct order, you can open the gift box.

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations 2

Dawn of Reason puzzle

The Dawn of Reason club, which can be opened by pulling a lever outside the establishment, also has its own puzzle. There’s a door here that requires a four-digit combination. The combinations themselves are seen on four symbols all over this area.

The symbols have a red vertical line/gash that denotes the order. They also have a red box that pertains to the position on the keypad.

In the image below, you’ll see that “3” is the order, and “east/right side” is the position. That means the symbol represents the third numeral in the sequence. The pip/direction with the red paint pertains to “2” as it appears on the keypad.

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations 3b

Remember, Deathloop codes are randomized, so it’s different for each player. However, I believe that the locations of these symbols will be similar for everyone:

  • Next to the locked door’s keypad.
  • Two plant boxes close to the locked door.
  • The main bar on the second floor.
  • The doorway of the smaller bar on the second floor.

Key in the correct code to open the door. The present is inside.

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations 3a

Fathoms of Lament: The levers and laser puzzle

If you managed to open all five gift boxes without any problems, another recording of Charlie will play. Go back to the Fathoms of Lament. You’ll notice that the side door behind the map is now open. Inside, you’ll find a wooden board that can be destroyed. Shoot it to reveal a Field Nullifier. Destroy this with your weapons so you can use the Shift power in a while.

If you pull the main lever and go upstairs, you’ll see several levers, too. There are two on this floor and four that are higher up. Worse, there are laser beams here. If you touch them, the sequence will fail. You’ll need to reactivate the main lever again.

This is why the Shift power is important. It allows you to teleport past the lasers with ease. Just listen to the ticking sounds to know which levers to pull in the correct order.

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations 4a

You finally have the Heritage Gun in Deathloop

Return to the entrance of the Fathoms of Lament. Check the glass container near the map to pick up the Heritage Gun.

The Heritage Gun has the following perks:

  • Choke Point – Shots have reduced spread.
  • Unique – Can be transformed to fire buckshot or slugs.

Deathloop Heritage Gun Guide How To Get Heritage Gun Super Shifty Reward Scheme Gift Box Locations 4b

For mods, I suggest using Speedloader (increased reload speed), Hipster (decreases the bullet spread when hip-firing), and Big Box (more ammo).

The Heritage Gun easily trounces the generic Vopat Trencher in Deathloop. It packs quite a punch, decimating most foes with ease.

Dthlp Hrt Sg Gd 4

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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