Deathloop: Where to find Frank and how to defeat him

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Frank is one of the AEON members who’ll never move away from his cozy spot in Fristad Rock. He’s got a bar there, and he’s only available during the morning. Oh, and believe it or not, you’ll probably only fight him once. The rest of the quest steps that lead to his final demise won’t even have further interactions. Here’s our Deathloop guide to help you defeat Frank as part of the “Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank” quest.

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Deathloop AEON Visionary boss guide – How to kill Frank in Fristad Rock (Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank quest)

The “Ballad of Ramblin’ Frank” quest in Deathloop is something that you’ll obtain when you read certain notes. In my case, I found it while checking stuff in Harriet’s room in Karl’s Bay.

Now, as far as I know, this quest somehow auto-completes the first step which requires you to go to Frank’s Bar. It’s then followed by some extra steps where you need to check out Otto’s Workshop and Fireworks Store.

Later, you’ll be prompted to open Otto’s Workshop in Karl’s Bay. There’s a decision that you need to make here on how you’d sabotage the fireworks. The correct answer, at least during my playthrough, was to “jam the rain flaps.” I only knew that after I made the wrong choice beforehand. Because I messed up, I was tasked with going to Frank’s Bar to find his “blind spot” (i.e., the correct answer when prompted in Otto’s Workshop).

Dthlp Frk Clb Frsrock 1a

Anyway, Frank is only available during the morning. The establishment’s main entrance has a device that gives you the Classpass. It attaches to Colt’s arm, allowing you to enter most of the rooms in the club. Unfortunately, it also prevents you from using any of your Slab powers.

Be very careful here. The Classpass also disables your Reprise. That means it only takes a single death to reset your entire day/loop. Thankfully, it’s only morning. If this encounter was during the afternoon or evening, it’d be worse since you can potentially lose all the preparations that you made that day.

Deathloop How To Kill Frank Ballad Of Ramblin Frank Otto's Fireworks Frank's Bar Fristad Rock 1

Watch out for dozens of cameras, turrets, and bodyguards. Our goal here is to eventually reach the second floor. The hallways here will take you to Frank’s Studio. If you managed to take control of several turrets, you can plop them down near Frank’s Studio facing the doorways.

The windows themselves are protected by bulletproof glass. But, you should be able to find a switch at a side nook next to one of the doors. If you press it, Frank and his two goons will go outside to get ripped to shreds. Check the document inside his studio to learn something that Frank doesn’t know about fireworks. This lets you know the correct option to pick when you’re in Otto’s Workshop.

Deathloop How To Kill Frank Ballad Of Ramblin Frank Otto's Fireworks Frank's Bar Fristad Rock 1a

Rewards for killing Frank in Deathloop

  • Similar to Wenjie, Frank doesn’t drop a Slab power.
  • Constancy Automatic (golden/legendary pistol) – On the bright side, you do receive this unique weapon. When you damage an enemy with this, it slows them down (intrinsic perk). It can also reload and fire at the same time (unique perk).

Deathloop How To Kill Frank Ballad Of Ramblin Frank Otto's Fireworks Frank's Bar Fristad Rock 1b

Additional tidbits

  • Follow all the objectives related to Otto’s Workshop/Store and select the correct answer on how you’ll sabotage the fireworks. In the evening, once Frank announces that it’s time to celebrate, he’ll get blown to smithereens. This will occur regardless of the mission that you’re doing. Effectively, this counts as a successful kill in case you need to eliminate all Visionaries in a single day.
  • Normally, you’d use the machine upon exiting the bar if you want the Classpass removed. However, you can actually keep it. It’ll remain active on Colt even when you transition to a new zone. Its effect will only disappear when Colt dies three times/if you reset the day cycle.
  • You can bring the Classpass to the door at the outer wall of Charlie’s Condition Detachment playhouse. Inside, you’ll receive a player-specific code that lets you disable the Classpass system in Frank’s Bar.

Dthlp Frk Clb Frsrock 2

Deathloop is available via Steam and its official website.

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