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Forspoken: How to get Float, Alb, and Fortify spells – Guide

I need a Coke Float while floating around in this game.

Float, Alb, and Fortify are three types of Water spells in Forspoken. Before you can use them, however, you’ll need to find their respective Founts of Blessing. Here’s our Forspoken guide to help you unlock the Float, Alb, and Fortify Water spells via Fount of Blessing locations.

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Forspoken guide – How to unlock Float, Alb, and Fortify Water spells (Fount of Blessing)

The Float, Alb, and Fortify Water spells in Forspoken can be discovered in Founts of Blessing in Visoria. At best, you’ll want to progress the campaign further to gain access to these regions, as well as additional magic powers that aid with traversal (i.e., Zip and Glide).


  • Location: Visoria – The Windy Hills – From the Refuge, cross the fields and go past the ruined village. You should see a canyon beyond that. Climb up the rock formation and you’ll spot a cave. The Fount of Blessing is inside.
  • Effect: Use your crafting skills to increase the amount by which a cloak or necklace improves your defense.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use crafting to improve an item’s defense by 30 points.


  • Location: Visoria – Visorian Plateau – The best way to get the Alb spell is by fast traveling to the Visoria Castle Town Refuge in Tanta’s Demesne. Then, head back to the courtyard and exit via the north gate. Follow the mountain pass and you’ll eventually see the fount at the edge of a cliff.
  • Effect: Greatly reduce the damage caused by a single unblockable or piercing attack.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Receive unblockable/piercing attacks while under the effect of Alb (must be done 10 times).


  • Location: Visoria – Inner Visoria – In the southeastern portion of Inner Visoria, you’ll find a narrow valley (it’s fairly close to the Curiosities Merchant/secret cloak and necklace). Continue along the valley until you get to the very end.
  • Effect: Controls gravity to slow your fall, allowing you to glide in mid-air – This is an amazing ability to have, no doubt about it.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use Float to stay in mid-air for six seconds – Simply look for any Refuge/Bellfry overlooking a cliff. Jump off and hold the shift key. Likewise, you can stay in the air for 10 seconds to obtain the “I Can Fly!” achievement.

That’s it, you’ve unlocked Float, Alb, and Fortify in Forspoken. You may also check out our best Water spells guide. Lastly, don’t forget to grab the other magic powers from the Earth, Fire, and Lightning skill trees.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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