Forspoken: All Fount of Blessing locations guide

Forspoken All Fount Of Blessing Locations Guide Unlock Magic Spells
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A Fount of Blessing in Forspoken is a type of point-of-interest. This curious place, a tree in the middle of a pool, happens to have a golden glow. Once you interact with it, you’ll gain new powers. Here’s our Forspoken Fount of Blessing locations guide to help you acquire additional spells from various elemental skill trees.

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Forspoken all Fount of Blessing locations guide

The first Fount of Blessing location that you’ll discover in Forspoken is fairly close to Cipal. As it’s fairly early in the campaign, it also serves as your tutorial to the mechanic. Interact with the tree, where you’ll watch a cutscene where Frey is floating, all while magical energy surrounds her. This unlocks the Leap ability (i.e., wall-climb/wall-jump).

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However, the other Fount of Blessing locations in Forspoken need to be discovered as you’re free-roaming. Ideally, you’ll want to progress further in the campaign, as each boss hunt leads to a region on the world map. Moreover, the major bosses reward you with new spells that help with traversal. These include Zip (i.e., grapple), Glide (i.e., surfboarding), and Skip (i.e., limited flight). With these skills, exploration should be a lot easier.

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Praenost: Fount of Blessing Locations

  • Spell #1A: Shimmy
    • The Citadel – In an open area next to the foot of a mountain.
  • Spell #1B: Burrow
    • Brass Hollow – In a small hollow of a mountain past the bridge.
  • Spell #1C: Beacon
    • The Mustering Ground – At the bottom of a ravine all the way to the south.

Avoalet: Fount of Blessing Locations

  • Spell #2A: Soar
    • The Water Garden – In the middle of the swamp near a Belfry.
  • Spell #2B: Rush
    • Golden Hills – On a plateau in the western part of the zone.
  • Spell #2C: Suppression
    • The Moulderings – Head east from Samum Coast and follow the mountain pass in the Moulderings.

Visoria: Fount of Blessing Locations

  • Spell #3A: Fortify
    • Windy Hills – From the Belfry, keep going southwest. Past the village, you’ll see a canyon. Climb the rock formation and you’ll see the fount inside a small cave.
  • Spell #3B: Alb
    • Visorian Plateau – Use the fast travel point in Visoria Castle Town and take the northern exit in the courtyard. Follow the mountain pass all the way to the edge of the cliff.
  • Spell #3C: Float
    • Inner Visoria – You’ll see a narrow valley in the southwestern portion of the zone. Keep following the pathway until you reach the fount.

Junoon: Fount of Blessing Locations

Junoon is technically the first region that you visit in the game. However, the enemies here are tougher, and you do need some extra traversal spells. Here are the Junoon Fount of Blessing locations in Forspoken.

  • Spell #4A: Spoof
    • Physic Garden – Go past a canyon in the northern part of the zone.
  • Spell #4B: Diversify
    • Crosstide Coast – Glide across the lake until you reach the hillside fort. Check the courtyard exit, which will lead you to a passageway. Use your traversal moves (i.e., Zip, Float, or Skip) until you reach the top.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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