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Forspoken: How to get Suppression, Diversify, and Spoof spells – Guide

Hidden in the shadows.

Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify are three types of Lightning spells in Forspoken. Before you can use them, however, you’ll need to find their respective Founts of Blessing. Here’s our Forspoken guide to help you unlock the Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify Lightning spells via Fount of Blessing locations.

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Forspoken guide – How to unlock Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify spells (Fount of Blessing)

The Spoof, Suppression, and Diversify spells in Forspoken can be discovered in Founts of Blessing in Avoalet and Junoon. At best, you’ll want to progress the campaign further to gain access to these regions, as well as additional magic powers that aid with traversal (i.e., Zip and Glide). As an aside, while Junoon is the first region that you visit in-game, its far-flung zones have tougher opponents.


  • Location: Avoalet – The Moulderings – There’s a Belfry east of Samum Coast/Avoalet Castle, which you can reach by using Glide across the lake. From there, make it to the opposite shore, which is the Moulderings zone. The trek can take a while since you need to go to the southeastern end of the zone, running past mountain paths and valleys.
  • Effect: Cloak yourself in an illusion, preventing enemies from seeing you. Any sudden movements (i.e., dashing/dodging or attacking) will break the effect.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use Photo Mode while hidden by Suppression.


  • Location: Junoon – Physic Garden – The zone is northeast of Cipalian Way/Junoon Castle, so you’ll have to climb up the castle’s walls. You should then see a Refuge on a hilltop. The nearby ravine takes you to the Fount of Blessing.
  • Effect: Backflip to evade and leave an illusory copy of your character.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use Spoof 10 times during battles.


  • Location: Junoon – Crosstide Coast – This is west of the Physic Garden. You’re going to see a Belfry in the middle of the lake. Beyond that is a mountain pass that’s shrouded in mist, and with good reason, since it’s filled with Nightmares. Here’s the gist:
    • Follow the sloping path and enter the fort.
    • There’s a gate to the left that leads to a canyon.
    • Circle around the canyon and you’ll spot platforms and ledges. The goal here is to use your traversal skills (i.e., Skip/Float and definitely Zip).
    • This takes you to the opposite hill, whereupon you’ll finally be able to grapple to cross the gap.
  • Effect: Allows you to add a fourth perk to a necklace or cloak via crafting – One of the most useful passives in the game as it’s the only one that can add an extra perk.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use crafting to add a fourth perk to a necklace – The upgrade gives the option to also use the same action on cloaks.

That’s it, you’ve unlocked Suppression, Spoof, and Diversity in Forspoken. You may also check out our best Lightning spells guide. Lastly, don’t forget to grab the other magic powers from the Earth, Fire, and Water skill trees.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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