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Beacon, Soar, and Rush are three types of Fire spells in Forspoken. Before you can use them, however, you’ll need to find their respective Founts of Blessing. Here’s our Forspoken guide to help you unlock the Beacon, Soar, and Rush Fire spells via Fount of Blessing locations.

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Forspoken guide – How to unlock Beacon, Soar, and Rush Fire spells (Fount of Blessing)

The Beacon, Soar, and Rush Fire spells in Forspoken can be discovered in Founts of Blessing in Praenost and Avoalet. At best, you’ll want to progress the campaign further to gain access to these regions, as well as additional magic powers that aid with traversal (i.e., Zip and Glide).


  • Location: Praenost – The Mustering Ground – This zone is reachable by taking the southwest exit from Tanta Sila’s castle. You’ll end up in Mount Garrison and, just south of that, you’ll find yourself in the Mustering Ground. Continue southwest from the Belfry, hopping down the cliff face, until you see the Fount of Blessing.
  • Effect: Spawns a glimmer of light that improves stamina recharge rate – This is quite decent if you’re primarily dodging, running, and climbing as you explore.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use Beacon five times during battles.


  • Location: Avoalet – The Water Garden – Due southeast of the Belfry. It’s fairly visible since it’s in the middle of the marsh.
  • Effect: Gain a boost to wall-climbing by pressing the Ctrl key when your character flashes red.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use Soar 10 times.


  • Location: Avoalet – Golden Hills – On a plateau in the western portion of the zone. This is quite a distance away from the Belfry. However, if you already tagged the Three Tree Mountain Refuge, then it’s a lot closer.
  • Effect: Gain a boost to sprinting by pressing the Ctrl key when your character flashes red.
  • Spellcraft Upgrade Challenge: Use Rush 15 times.

That’s it, you’ve unlocked Beacon, Soar, and Rush in Forspoken. You may also check out our best Fire spells guide. Lastly, don’t forget to grab the other magic powers from the Earth, Water, and Lightning skill trees.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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