Forspoken: Best Fire spells — Red Magic guide

Forspoken Best Fire Spells Red Magic Guide
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Red Magic is a type of skill branch in Forspoken, which becomes available after beating Tanta Sila in Chapter 5. This element lets you unleash the powers of fire and flame to burn your opponents to a crisp. Here’s our Forspoken best Fire spells guide to help you with the ideal Red Magic to use and upgrade during the campaign.

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Forspoken best Fire spells guide – Ideal Red Magic to use and upgrade

Before we discuss the best Fire spells in Forspoken, let’s talk about the classifications of Red Magic that you can acquire. These are subdivided into attack (LMB or hold LMB), support (RMB), surge (LMB + RMB), traversal (depends on the action), and utility (crafting menu). There are also a few special abilities that have their own activation. Lastly, please note that we won’t list down every magic ability, as we’ll simply focus on the ones that truly aided us during our playthrough.

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Attack Spells

  • Slice
    • Summons a magical sword to hit an enemy.
    • This is your basic attack with left-click.
  • Arc Slice
    • Do a wide-arcing slash with a flaming sword.
    • This is one of the best Fire spells or Red Magic in Forspoken, primarily due to its crowd-clearing capabilities. Don’t forget to upgrade the skill to maximize its potential.
  • Blast Slice
    • Throw a spear that sticks to an enemy before exploding to do AoE damage.
    • A great spell to have if you want to fight foes at a distance or if they’re flying. You can also do a leaping strike that causes an explosion by charging the spell and jumping.

Support Spells

  • Charge
    • Rush forward to drive enemies back on impact.
    • While limited in use, you can still knock down opponents if they’re smaller or vulnerable to fire damage.
  • Firetrap
    • Cause lava to emerge underneath an enemy.
    • This is amazing against large, slow-moving opponents. Some world bosses could even get cheesed if they’re mostly stationary.
  • Crucible
    • Create a magical wall of fire that increases your attack.
    • The AI is goofy, so hostiles tend to walk straight into the flames. The downside is that you’ll also get stuck in the area, and you’d want to avoid the flame wall or you’ll take damage/cause your combo rating to decrease.
  • Beacon
    • Spawns a tiny flicker of light that increases your stamina recharge rate, though it makes you easier to spot.
    • This isn’t a stealth game, so you’d hardly worry about getting discovered. You can pop this in case you’re often dodging around during a fight.
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Surge Spell

  • Conflagration
    • Calls forth a fiery column that causes magma to erupt; upgraded version deals more damage to the left and right when LMB and RMB are held down.
    • This is automatically one of the best Fire spells in Forspoken since it’s the only surge ability for the element.

Traversal Spells

  • Zip
    • Press the middle mouse button to grapple.
    • Considering how you’d roam around the world of Athia with all its floating platforms and rock formations, this is instantly one of the best Fire spells or Red Magic in Forspoken.
  • Soar
    • Climb higher with multiple leaps in quick succession.
    • This just boosts your basic wall-jump/wall-kick action.
  • Rush
    • Sprint faster via a well-timed button press.
    • This just boosts your basic sprinting action.
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Utility Spells

  • Amplify
    • Allows you to use your crafting skills to increase the amount by which a cloak improves your magic.
    • Not much of a priority, but a nifty passive to acquire eventually.

Special Spells

  • Drag and Drop
    • Pull an enemy closer and swap to Sila’s magic.
    • This is akin to Scorpion’s “Get Over Here!” move. You can activate it by pressing the Q + E+ 1, even if Sila’s magic is already being used.
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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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