Forspoken Best Lightning Spells Green Magic Guide
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Green Magic is a type of skill branch in Forspoken. While other spells are easily acquired after defeating certain bosses, this one requires you to defeat the Senseless Savant in Chapter 10. However, you need to progress further in Chapter 11 before you’re given new powers. This element allows you to strike hostiles with light and electricity. Here’s our Forspoken best Lightning spells guide to help you with the ideal Green Magic to use and upgrade during the campaign.

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Forspoken best Lightning spells guide – Ideal Green Magic to use and upgrade

Before we discuss the best Lightning spells in Forspoken, let’s talk about the classifications of Green Magic that you can acquire. These are subdivided into attack (LMB or hold LMB), support (RMB), surge (LMB + RMB), traversal (depends on the action), and utility (crafting menu). There are also a few special abilities that have their own activation. Lastly, please note that we won’t list down every magic ability, as we’ll simply focus on the ones that truly aided us during our playthrough.

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Attack Spells

  • Dart
    • Emits projectiles of light that mark targets.
    • This is your basic attack with LMB. You can mark enemies multiple times and, subsequently, hold LMB to fire off a charged ability.
  • Pulse Dart
    • Sends beams of light that shoot through enemies.
    • Available by default, this is one of the best Lightning spells or Green Magic in Forspoken. Just move/dodge while spamming LMB to mark numerous targets, then hold LMB to see these lasers go pew-pew.
    • One alternative, Seeker Dart, has a similar effect, except the bolt strikes one enemy after the other, as opposed to all marked targets in one go.
  • Storm Dart
    • Emits electrical energy over an area; unleashes a shockwave and strikes all darts embedded in enemies.
    • This is a charged ability that you can use instead of Pulse Dart (since you’re likely to ignore Seeker Dart). The shockwave AoE is quite decent.

Support Spells

  • Distortion
    • Generates a mind-fuddling mist that makes enemies attack one another.
    • This is a great spell to cast. The damage ticks might be low, but they’re fairly constant due to all the confused mobs. This is one of the best Lightning spells in Forspoken if you’re fighting packs of hostiles.
  • Compulsion
    • Throws out several floating mines that explode when enemies touch them.
    • The explosions deal a couple of instances of damage, and with a wide AoE coverage, too.
  • Compensation
    • Heightens the senses to increase surge magic recharge rate when you successfully parkour to avoid enemies.
    • Well, it helps you get your burst/ultimate back faster, and all you need to do is dodge often.
  • Suppression
    • Erases all traces of the user, making them harder to locate; the effect is cancelled when you make sudden movements.
    • This is an amazing ability if you want to avoid hostile engagements. Basically, it’s stealth mode, which means you get get past enemies with ease. However, you can only do so via regular movement. Once you sprint, parkour dodge/climb, or attack, the stealth effect will end.
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Surge Spell

  • Tempest
    • Calls lightning to electrocute enemies in a wide area; can hold down LMB and RMB to increase the AoE.
    • This is automatically one of the best Lightning spells in Forspoken since it’s the only surge ability for the element. The downside is that the level 2 challenge for the upgrade seems to be bugged. It requires you use Tempest to kill the last enemy in an encounter (i.e., last hostile in a group/pack). It doesn’t seem to work no matter how many times I’ve tried.

Traversal Spells

  • Scale
    • Create phantom footholds to soar higher.
    • While it does cause Frey to leap vertically four times, you can’t use other traversal moves (i.e., Skip or Zip) immediately afterward.
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Utility Spells

  • Diversify
    • Allows you to use your crafting skills to add a fourth perk to a necklace.
    • This is easily one of the best Lightning spells or Green Magic in Forspoken, at least when compared to all the crafting passives. It’s unique in that it lets you add a fourth perk slot to your accessory.

Special Spells

  • Hide and Seek
    • Fire projectiles and move at high speed, while swapping to Olas’ magic.
    • This can be done by pressing Q + E + 4, even if Olas’ magic is active. It’s good when you’re trying to get out of a bind, or you can just switch spell sets normally by pressing the number key.
  • Spoof
    • Evade and leave a decoy of yourself behind.
    • This is akin to the Displacement support spell. The difference is that you have to hold the ctrl key + press LMB or RMB.

In any case, you can learn more about some of these abilities via our Fount of Blessing locations guide and unlockable Lightning spells guide.

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Forspoken is available via Steam.

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