Portal 2 hits shelves today

Portal 2 released today in disc-based form across the UK on Playstation, Xbox 360 and PC.
Having been available via digital-distribution service Steam since early Tuesday morning, Portal 2 is now available in stores for players looking for a disc-based edition.
The highest rated game of the year so far with a Metacritic rating of 95/100, developer Valve and publisher EA are surely expecting very healthy sales figures.
Our own 9.6/10 review noted that “by concentrating on iteration rather than re-design, Valve have created a sequel that improves upon the original and yet stays true to its memory… very possibly the most absorbing game the puzzle genre has ever seen.”
In addition to our review, IncGamers’ Peter Parrish has delved into the cross-platform ownership debate by asking ‘Could Portal 2 redefine games ownership?” Read his article in full here.

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