About PC Invasion

What is PC Invasion?

PC Invasion is a dedicated PC-only videogame network dedicated to publishing top quality articles, interviews and news relating to our all-conquering PC overlords. We cover all the important talking points passing on our expert opinions and views on the world of PC gaming.

When was PC Invasion founded?

The site was founded in 2015

Who are the people at PC Invasion ?

The PC Invasion staff are dedicated PC gamers with alarming amounts (20 years in some cases) of PC videogame industry experience.

What are the goals of this site?

We’ll do our utmost to provide PC gamers with factual and useful information to help them make informed purchasing decisions on new and upcoming games. We’ll also publish daily news and opinion on released games and industry developments if it’s important and informative.

What makes PC Invasion different from other videogame websites?

All opinions on the games we cover are based on actual gameplay, played on our own systems, with no time pressure or limitations (no “hands off” presentations at trade events.) We’ll give our readers genuine opinions (free from any external publisher or advertiser pressures) based on extended gameplay, carried out on PCs that are similar to those owned by a range of PC owners.

What about game reviews? How do you handle those?

On our review scale, a 5/10 means “mediocre” and 7/10 is a good score. All games are played to narrative completion or (for more open-ended titles) the nearest equivalent. You can read our full review policy here.

We’ll always do our best to review the marquee PC titles (even if that means delaying a review beyond ‘embargo time’ to actually finish them properly,) and also strive to cover the many smaller or independent titles which interest us.

How do you fund this site?

PC Invasion is funded through advertising and we would appreciate if you could add us to your AdBlock whitelist. Without ads it’s impossible to keep providing you with quality content.

Anything else I can read to convince me about the splendid nature of PC Invasion?

Absolutely. For more on our site philosophy and direction have a read of our Welcome post, published at launch in May 2015.