Frozen Synapse 2 Preview

It’s been a long wait, but turn-based tactics sequel Frozen Synapse 2 is nearly here. Let’s take a turn and see how this follow-up fares.

Deathgarden Preview

Paul becomes the hunter and the hunted in the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer game from Behaviour Digital. Run! Just Run!

Double Kick Heroes Preview

Zombies? Metal? The open road, and a Cadillac fitted with guns that fire to the beat of the drums? It’s Double Kick Heroes.

PES 2018 PC Demo Impressions

Konami didn’t endear themselves by holding the PC demo back, but perhaps PES 2018 can make amends with proper graphics options.

FIFA 18 PC Demo Impressions

Peter tries to read the entrails of the FIFA 18 demo using only the power of ball metaphors and Alex Hunter screenplays.