PC Invasion Podcast #74

This week: IceFrog fills his phone contacts list, CoD goes WW2 (again), Battlefront 2 details, and more thoughts about Dawn of War 3.

Steam Top Sellers week ending 23 April

No change at the top for another week. PC gamers love that battle royale stuff.

Red Dead Redemption GTA 5 mod canned – Take 2 steps in

Take 2 were not happy about the prospect of a Red Dead Redemption mod making its way to the PC.


Call of Duty confirms return to WW2, full reveal next week

This was pretty much an open secret, but it’s now officially confirmed that the next Call of Duty will be heading back to the era of WW2.

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Dawn of War 3 Review

Dawn of War 3 Review

It may yet prove divisive, but Dawn of War 3 offers a whole lot more Waaagh! than MOBAaagh.

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