Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 PC Technical Review

PC Invasion take a look at Sniper Ghost Warrior 3’s military hardware. Is it finely tuned, or is that scope actually just a cardboard tube?

Diablo 2 remaster will be “no small feat” for Blizzard says David Brevik

Diablo 2 creator and ex-Blizzard developer David Brevik explains why a Diablo 2 remaster will be a real challenge for Blizzard.

PC Invasion Plays Outlast 2

Just for you, Tim records 50 minutes of him scaring the hell out of himself with Outlast 2.


Outlast 2 Review

Tim has outlasted Outlast 2, with only a few psychological scars marring this review.

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PC Invasion Podcast #74

PC Invasion Podcast #74

This week: IceFrog fills his phone contacts list, CoD goes WW2 (again), Battlefront 2 details, and more thoughts about Dawn of War 3.

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