NASCAR Heat 3 Review

NASCAR Heat 3 provides a merely okay racing experience that’s just not worth its $50 asking price.

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator captures a lot of intricate little details which helps make it feel like a truly authentic fishing experience.

Hypergun review

Hypergun tasks players with saving the world from the safety of a simulation chamber.

F1 2018 review

A near-perfect F1 racing sim that will make (almost) everyone happy.

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Graveyard Keeper is a twisted take on management simulators that encourages players to sell body parts and toss corpses into rivers.

Barbearian review for PC

Barbearian is a hand-drawn hack’n’slash from a one-person studio. But, can one person build the depth needed to pay homage to the genre?

Diesel Railcar Simulator Review

Diesel Railcar Simulator is an early access indie train sim. Despite its simplicity, it stacks up quite nicely to the big boys.


We Happy Few review

We Happy Few is an interesting game that struggles under its own weight. Read the full review here.

Dead Cells Review

After a year in early access, Dead Cells is officially out. But is it officially good?

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A twin-stick shooter about climbing through the clouds and fishing. How does rouge-lite Airheart handle? Rob puts it to the test.

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Chasm is a retro-infused Metroidvania roguelike. Find out if this 16-bit styled game does justice for the genre.

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The series is finally making its debut on PC, starting with the 2015 prequel Yakuza 0. Was it worth the wait? Dann finds out in our full review.