The Crew 2 Review

The Crew 2 is fast, fun and offers a flexible gameplay experience. But, a sense of imbalance throughout the game causes it to be a bit of a rough ride.

Wreckfest Review

Paul gets wrecked in Bugbears destruction derby smash-em-up racer.

Antigraviator Review

Are you ready for speed and futuristic racing? Cybernetic Walrus’ futuristic racer is put to the test.

Laser League Review

Roll7 show us the sport of the future with Laser League and it’s a completely mental competitive arcade experience.

Midair Review

Calling all Tribes players. Midair is finally out so how does it compare the classic franchise? Have Archetype Studios nailed it?


Harebrained Schemes release the Mechs onto the battlefield for some tactical strategy action. Has it been worth the wait?

Frostpunk Review

We head into the frozen wastes to try and keep New London alive in this steampunk city management sim.


Empires Apart Review

DESTINYbit release their multiplayer-focused RTS and Rich discovers it shares similarities with Age of Empires.

Bio Inc. Redemption Review

Paul heads to the operating theatre to try and cure patients of all kinds of horrific illnesses.

Sprint Vector Review

Paul checks out Survios’ latest VR game which is futuristic sprint racing. It will get your heart racing.

Boxed In Review

Boxed In takes the concept of Tetris into VR but don’t get trapped in the room. Paul gets crushed.

Sairento VR Review

Paul goes all ninja and takes Mixed Realms new release for a spin in a futuristic Tokyo.