Fallout 4 European trademark is another fake

fallout 4

When the European trademark filing for Fallout 4 appeared back on 17 November we were sceptical about it’s authenticity but thought there was a possibility it was legitimate. It now appears it was indeed a fake.

A spate of fake filings for videogames have been popping up in the past few months, the most notable being for Half Life 3 in October. It appears the hilarious prankster was at it again and filed the trademark for Fallout 4 which has now vanished from the EU trademark database.

So what does this mean for Fallout 4 and the survivor2299 website which has kept the Fallout community hooked for the past few weeks? Right now it’s hard to tell if the same individual has taken a fake trademark filing one step further by creating the site or whether there really is some substance to all the teasing through the mysterious site.

With the trademark now removed it will be interesting to see what happens to the teaser site, will it go dark? Will the clues continue to appear because it’s in fact legitimate? The next 24 hours could be interesting. We do hope the site is a legitimate Bethesda marketing campaign because it’s been a lot of fun following it. Peter even admitted to learning some morse code in this week’s podcast where we discussed the Fallout 4 mystery.

As you know we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the developments every day so as soon as something happens we’ll let you know.

Thanks Feannag in the comments and for the tip and CVG.

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  • Sean

    I doubt it’s legit but it might force Bethesda’s hand in the coming months. I’m thinking we’ll see something at the VGX awards because the Skyrim team, other than patches (fixing PS3) and DLC haven’t been working on anything since 2011.

    • paddy

      Except for Elder Scrolls Online…

      • Feannag

        Bethesda’s not working on that. Zenimax Online Studio is.

  • nasarius

    Bethesda has specifically replied to inquires about the site with “no comment”, which is solid confirmation in cases like this.

    Also the domain is registered to Zenimax. That kind of thing can be faked, but again you’d think Zenimax might do something about it if that were the case.

  • sorudo

    dunno about you but i never believe stuff like trademarks and such until i actually see the real owner show prove, why would i be happy about a trademark that never shows nothing more then a web page.

  • Jon Snow

    This is not actually proof that the trademark is fake, it is likely it was actually just merged with the main Fallout trademark as was the case with Fallout 1 & 2.

    • Rushster

      I would think that there would be no need to register Fallout 4 as a TM anyway as they have Fallout. So it could be a fake.

  • Elly

    Next morse code on the site will be

    -.– — ..- .—-. …- . / -… . . -. / .–. ..- -. -.- . -..

  • DavidTheSlayer

    Morse code translator not working for me, what does this say?

  • Feannag

    “You’ve been punked”

    • Feannag

      Meant this as a reply to DavidTheSlayer. Sorry.

  • Feannag

    Bethesda’s online store is running their Black Friday sale this weekend, ending on Sunday (same day as the Nuclear Winter timer). The ad includes a small blurb “And more surprises to be announced”. Most likely not relevant, but who knows?