Ireland’s TV3 says the PC equivalent of an Xbox One would cost 3K

Ireland’s TV3 says the PC equivalent of an Xbox One would cost 3K


In a brilliant piece of TV bollocks, a segment on TV3’s Ireland AM has come up with some outstanding lies to misinform the public.

In what can best be described as a promotional segment for Microsoft and the Xbox One, the presenter drools over the visuals and says that it’s “the most advanced in terms of graphics, involvement and action we’ve ever seen. It’s really, really good value. It would cost you about 3 grand to put a PC together with this kind of power”.

What? Yes, you heard it. He actually said that.

It’s this kind of garbage spouted on mainstream media that really misinforms the general public about the PC, the costs involved in putting together a gaming PC, and its versatility.

TV people, you need to do your research, we all know the PC is the best option for gaming, it’s the most advanced and lets not even get into the fact there are literally thousands of games at a fraction of the price.

I will point out that the show had an Xbone to giveaway so they were probably trying to oversell it to encourage entries, but c’mon!

Watch the hilarious clip that was uploaded by Wonkey Monkey.

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  • Peter Parrish

    Wait, so I didn’t need to buy these two Nvidia Titans to run Football Manager after all?

  • nasarius

    Not really surprising for TV3.

    “He threw a hairdryer, I think, at David Beckham, in the..is that right?”


  • clampdown

    My impression is that this guy is just a general TV personality at this channel and he does not know much about gaming, much less PC gaming. Just the “I’ve always wondered as a child what would it be like to compete in films”. Whatever that means. Notice there are no mentions of specifications whatsoever, just sort of his enthusiasm leading the pitch.

  • Feannag

    What’s he doing? Buying an Alienware and having it overnight shipped from California?

    The PC I’m planning will run me about $800, for a system that will thoroughly crush both consoles. And that’s not even top-of-the-line hardware.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      I agree with Fennag, buying the components and custom building your own PC yourself or getting someone more technical to help you for a pack of beer is cheaper than Alienware any day. As for the TV video, I think it’s because consoles run on custom processors and other hardware whereas PC’s are more standard, that’s where the cost difference might come from. So yeah, misinforming the public on a broadcast medium isn’t the best thing to do.

  • DavyD

    My PC is six years old and other than some extra ram and a new graphic`s card still the same. It will kick the Xbone and PS4 to hell.

  • sorudo

    i bought a PC in the summer for €1152,- and is more powerful then any of the consoles today, sometimes it can even run games 3 times over what would make a Xbone or PS4 crash when they try to do it 2 times.

  • SLowrAM

    Haha I don’t even think MS would spew such a figure.

  • Elly

    snigger….3 grand. I have never constructed a PC my boyfriend always does but even a tech-noob such as me knows it doesn’t cost 3k to get a great PC.

    I’m sure half an hour of simple research on the net would have prevented him making a tit of himself.

    If you’re interviewing someone at least at the decency to research the subject first you sloppy git.