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New weapon shots and production diary from Rise of the Triad

Bringing back a classic or well-loved title from gaming’s heyday can be a delicate business. You need to do justice to the original, and appeal to the players who remember why the game has a place in history, while also trying to lure in some new people who may be wary of a nostalgia-fest they don’t understand.

That’s the problem addressed by this first ‘Production Diary’ (it’s a trailer in disguise, shhh, don’t tell anyone) about Rise of the Triad, Interceptor Entertainment’s take on the 1995 Apogee original.

Interceptor has also released a couple of screenshots, showing the ‘DRUNK Missile’ and ‘Split Missile’ in action, along with General Darian’s new look (above). That’s all very well, but I think what everyone wants to see is a lengthy demonstration of the much lauded ‘Dog Mode’.

RoTT will be on Steam in early 2013.

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