Paying it forward: PAYDAY 2 beta arrives on Steam

Payday 2 - 2

Calling all crims, the beta for Overkill’s heist-em-up PAYDAY 2 is now on available on Steam.

Anyone who pre-ordered the Career Criminal Edition should now have access to two beta keys, one of which can be passed on to a buddy. The more expensive version of the Career Criminal Edition (£89.99) also cames with four keys so the four player co-op can be tested fully.

The game can be pre-ordered now via Steam if you fancy checking out the beta.

PAYDAY 2 releases on PC next month.

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  • Stunt Rush

    Is this Starbreeze? I thought it was Overkill Software.

    • Paul Younger

      Indeed, yes. Force of habit. Sorted it.

    • Digital

      Well, you know Overkill Software was bought by Starbreeze right? They still keep the name Overkill as a “Starbreeze studio” name tho. So technically it was right the first time since it is a Starbreeze game. http://www.starbreeze.com/