Rise of the Tomb Raider multi-platform petition gathers pace

rise of the tomb raider

Tomb Raider fans come together and apply pressure to have the “exclusivity” overturned.

UPDATE FROM TIM: Microsoft have stated that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive, so there’s a pretty good chance it’ll head to other platforms.

Yesterday’s reveal that Rise of the Tomb Raider would only be coming to the Xbox One upset large portions of the gaming community, mainly those that don’t have an Xbox One and have no intention of ever buying one.

Fans of the classic Tomb Raider franchise are reeling at this exclusivity decision and have created a petition to “Rescind the arrangement to publish Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusively on Xbox One.”  The petition note to Square reads:

We the undersigned fans urge you to rescind the arrangement to publish Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusively on Xbox One. 

Since its origins in 1996, Tomb Raider has been a multi-platform franchise with fans all over the world playing on diverse systems and devices. The recent decision to release the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider as an Xbox One exclusive alienates the majority of the fan base and will ultimately lead to the demise of the franchise. 

We urge you to reconsider this decision and bring the game out on all three major platforms–PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One–simultaneously.

In the few hours that the petition has been live, just under 10,000 signatures have been collected which is not be sniffed at. This petition will gather pace but is unlikely to make a difference if Rise of the Tomb Raider is a truly exclusive to the Xbone. If you feel aggrieved by this decision then it won’t hurt to add your name to the list.

In the world of consoles the term “exclusive” is generally overused and most “exclusives” end up being timed exclusives with the game eventually coming out on other platforms.

Last night Tim took a look at what this Rise of the Tomb Raider “exclusive” actually means, investigating all the evidence and quotes from both Square and Crystal Dynamics. The whole situation is a rather odd when you look at the sales numbers and the fact that Square were disappointed that the last Tomb Raider hadn’t hit their predicted sales targets.


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  • kater

    PS is the best most powerful console ever! Tomb Raider exists because of PLAYSTATION and now you take this away from us?! This was a Playstation franchise and exclusive to our console now you take MS’s money and steal it from us?! I will never buy your games again! Tomb Raider is dead with this betrayal. Sony is FOr The Player! I have always been a Sony player because they care about me and other true gamers. They always have the most powerful hardware and best third party exclusives like MGS, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. Now Tomb Raider is no longer a part of that elite club so you can take money and put it on inferior hardware. All Xbox’s s

    • shark974

      PS4 is a piece of crap. Typical low quality Sony look like K Mart made it.

    • Exactly why the only games i play on my PlayStation are the single player exclusives because narcissistic lil pieces of shit like you, oh your destiny timed exclusivity is not enough or no mans sky how about silent hills and you need to get your shit straight tomb raider started out on the Sega Saturn then got ported to ps and pc the game never existed because of PlayStation fucking tool, Sony cares about nobody but Sony you dumb sheep just like Microsoft or apple it’s a business and that’s how business goes and you fucking dweeb you should be happy it will have a staggered release on ps4 you act like you are going to beat uncharted then start on tomb raider. At the end of the day timed exclusives is bad for the real gamers who don’t pledge allegiance to a piece of plastic and only good for the parties involved …

  • kater

    All Xbox’s since 2001 have been inferior to Playstation in graphics and gameplay. Microsoft is shit and doesn’t know to make.truly powerful complex chips lime Emotion or Cell that programmers are still learning how to unlock. Tomb Raider will suck without the power of Sony and the I hardware expertise

    • shark974

      Are you frickin stupid? I know playstation fanboys are obsessed with bashing Xbox but this is ridiculous. Xbox BLEW AWAY PS2 in 2001. I mean friggen destroyed it in power, way worse than PS4 does to XBO. It even had TWICE the RAM 64MB vs 32MB. That would be like if Xbox One only had 4GB of RAM. Xbox was like 5 times as powerful as weakling PS2. Splinter Cell looked like another generation on Xbox compared to PS2! PS2 was the weakest comnsole ever and a piece of crap. Remember how Emotion Engine was supposed to take over the world just like Cell? HAHAHAHA. Xbox kicked sand in Emotion Engine’s face.

      Then we came to PS3, which was also weaker than 360. Just look at Halo 4,m it DESTROYS Uncharted 3’s graphics. And EVERY multiplatform ran in higher resolution and better framerate on Xbox 360. The amazing thing about this was PS3 launch a full YEAR after 360 and STILL was weaker. Truly amazing how Sony pulled that OFF! Amazingly bad engineering by Sony.

      So basically, since 2001 Xbox has been more powerful than Playstation for 12 years in a row. Now FINALLY Sony appears to win one…but not by much. Well it’s about time. And the only reason PS4 was ok was because an American, Cerny, designed it. The stupid Japanese that designed crappy PS2 and PS3 finally had to turn to a American to design a decent console.

      I dont praise MS for Xbox One being not as powerful as it could be. But like I said the differenxce is not that much and after Xbox whipped PS2 and 360 tied or whipped PS3 in power DESPITE a huge gandicap of being a year older…well it’s about time Sony finally got a decent console. Sony gamers are used to inferior hardware, inferior online, inferior OS, inferior controller, inferior engineering, and inferior games.

      Sony fanboys are SO numerous and so OBSESSED with Xbox, it must be practically all most of you guys think about,. Look at every comment on this petition. Not a single comment defending Xbox against 10’s of thousands of PS fanboys. It’s amazing, and scary. Sony gamers dont care about games, only about beating Xbox. That’s why Sony must be bankrupted out of gaming.

      • Skogre4

        If you are an XBO fan, then why are you doing what you say PS fans do. You are trying to bash our console. Typically, this is normal, but you act like XBO is so much better when PS4 had 10 million sales, and XBO has 4.5 million. You just can’t accept change, Sony has taken the upper hand in gaming, With many extras like PS New.

        We had less sales in the beginning, but we knew what Sony was capable of. And now, we have the best exclusives, and the majority of gamers. You guys have Halo. We have Uncharted. You have Gears of War, we have The Last of Us. You may have had better graphics, but we had the better games. WE have the #1 developer, Naughty Dog. You guys HAD Bungie, but now they are multiconsole, more sales.

        Microsoft made this deal because they are losing the console war. They think this will put them ahead but they wont get close to our numbers. I signed this petition, in the first 100’s too. Because I loved the first game, and they can’t make the sequel exclusive to one. Timed, I know.

        Microsoft Xbox is going low, they are losing quality. Why? Because WE have the better ideas. And Xbox had some fun games, but PS had more.

    • Samuel

      I will remind you that, Microsoft also created the PC which is far superior to any consoles if you ask me.

  • kater

    I wish Shu would say something on this!!

  • sonyneogaffan

    Sony works with third parties to make exclusives, they don’t buy them. Metal Gear Solid 4 was masterpiece because Kojima had the ethics to stick with Sony. Microsoft starlings through money h ate has to stop. They are destroying the industry by taking games that should be multiplayer away from Sony players. I own an Xbox One but I won’t buy this game, and ai h ave bought every Tomb Raider since I was a kid.

    Phil Spencer is as bad as Mattrick. Stay off Neogaf, Spencer. We know who our friends are…Cerny 4ever!

    • shark974

      Nope, greedy $ony can only get exclusives with money. Whereas developers love to work with Microsoft.

      Meanwhile Sony turns off all the servers to one year old games like MLB 13 to make even more greedy $.