World of Warcraft subscriber numbers continue to fall

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World of Warcraft subscriber numbers are becoming a regular feature every time a financial report is issued by Activision Blizzard. Included in the recent stock buyback press announcement are the latest subscriber figures.

Back in May the numbers had dropped to 8.3 million subscribers which was down from 9.6 back in February. Today’s latest figures reveal a further decline for the MMO with players numbers now down at 7.7 million, a drop of 600,000 in the space of just under two months.

The decline appears to be slightly less than the previous figure for the same period but it’s a little alarming that players continue to drop off at quite a speedy rate. WoW is of course still the number one MMO by a long way and they’re probably not sweating over it too much.

With Blizzard’s Project Titan now delayed until at least 2016, they’ll want to hold on to as many paying WoW players as possible for as long as possible.

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  • CG

    Wow that is a huge drop for just a couple months. 7.7 million is still many subscribers, however, both the velocity of drops (around 600,000) and the acceleration (used to be 2 years to happen, then 1 year, now only 6 months) is most worrying.

    As someone who played for many years, and recently subscribed even, I can say there have been sweeping changes; most for the good. Great combat, new things to do, updated graphics and performance, no bugs, less downtime, and much more. However in friends and I experience WoW severely lacks in both the story and the challenge.

    Story took a turn for the dumbs in Cataclysm and only became further lacking and confusing with Pandaria. Unless you have a keen eye for detail, which most casual players don’t, you will miss what’s happening OR you’ll go crazy from the slivers of poor writing and retcons that made their way past Q&A.

    Challenge wise, the game is way too easy. Give me a week and I’ll give you a level 90 with casual play. The content is easily skipped and forgettable so you lose that attraction, that passion, and it becomes just another achievement grinder. End game has suffered too, where thinking is replaced with the typical tank-and-spank all the way from heroics and raids alike. We get the Diablo 3 effect.

    We’re ready Blizzard, we’re ready to re-ignite that passion for World of Warcraft and the Warcraft series in general. So give us a challenge, give us a story worth giving a darn about, and I promise you people will not just come but stay in the game. In a subscriber model you want people to stay, you want those hardcore players, and less-so the casual type which play for a month or two and come back whenever the expansion comes around to do the same. If that’s the people Blizzard is aiming for, the Free to Play model is better, but if it isn’t then what I described could be better.

  • sorudo

    when you have so many alternative games and some even better then WoW, it becomes obvious that subs drop.
    i hear runes of magic is practically a F2P version of WoW, then you have all the B2P games that give you just as much as a P2P game gives and some F2P offer close to the same as P2P games do.

    subscription is simply dying out and it has everything to do with the quality of F2P games, it used to be on a low pit but they become better and better.
    just look around, some games that used to be fully P2P are now freemium games or even F2P, they all pretty much have a higher income then when they were still sub based.
    LOTRO and DCUO has 3X more income since they gone F2P and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, sub games just can’t keep up.

    all and all, if blizzard makes the game a true freemium game i am sure then game would become much more popular, a sub has always stopped plenty of gamers so it’s all up to them if they want to do the smart thing or the stubborn thing.