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How to create Apex Legends in Infinite Craft

You may not be good at playing Apex Legends, but you can be great at building it.

The deeper you go into the AI-powered game Infinite Craft, the more creative you can become. Why not push yourself even more? Creating Apex Legends in Infinite Craft is a fun but difficult challenge. You can use this guide to help build it quickly. 

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Infinite Craft: How to create Apex Legends

Infinite Craft lets you make all sorts of video games. Undertale, for instance. The good thing about making the Apex Legends, the hit Battle Royale, in Infinite Craft is that it surprisingly feels less complicated than many other games. I had an easier time making Apex Legends than I did with Final Fantasy. You should also be less stressed out when making the shooter. 

To help you create Apex Legends in Infinite Craft, use the steps below. Apex Legends requires a lot of basic ingredients that spawn more creative ones. By the end, you should have even more items to make.

Creating a battle royale

To create Apex Legends, you first have to make two completely different multiplayer shooters plus a third highly popular game. Namely, Overwatch, Valorant, and League of Legends. It’s a lengthy process, and you have to make Sun first to get the ball rolling. If you’ve already got Sun, great! There are only several more steps to go.

  • Fire + Planet = Sun
  • Fire + Sun = Solar
  • Plant + Solar = System
  • Fire + System = Computer
  • Computer + System = Software
  • Fire + Water = Steam
  • Fire + Steam = Engine 
  • Plant + Engine = Car
  • Car + Engine = Racecar
  • Earth + Racecar = Rally
  • Rally + Fire = Riot
  • Riot + Software = League of Legends
  • Dust + Dust = Sand
  • Sand + Water = Beach
  • Beach + Island = Paradise
  • Paradise + League of Legends = Valorant 
  • Engine + League of Legends = Riot Games
  • Earth + Earth = Mountain 
  • Mountain + Wind = Avalanche 
  • Avalanche + Avalanche = Snow
  • Snow + Wind = Blizzard
  • Blizzard + Riot Games = Overwatch
Apex Legends Infinite Craft
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Prepare to drop

Now that you have Overwatch, mix it with the Valorant, and you finally should have Apex Legends

Valorant And Overwatch
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Take your creativty to new highets. If Apex Legends doesn’t do it, Skyrim may. Find out here how to make it. 

Infinite Craft is free to play via any browser.

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