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Not content to rest on its laurels AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative has another rough puzzle to throw your way. Once Mizuki finds a familiar corpse in the park, you’ll see that there are three letters on both the front and the back of the monument the body is sticking to. The left side says AEF, while the right says RLE. If you’ve been paying attention, you can already solve this puzzle just by looking at the letters available to you. What prominently featured thing in the game has contained these letters?

If that doesn’t ring a bell, then no matter, because you can solve it the old-fashioned way. Go into the nearby building after searching it with your X-ray vision to find a balloon. Inside is a set of intersecting arrows. You’ll want to combine the arrow placement with the letters themselves. Setting the two sets side by side looks like this:

A             R

E              L

F              E

Looking at the arrows is telling you that the order is diagonal. What it doesn’t tell you is that the bottom is meant to continue to the top as if A is permanently under F and F is permanently above A. Reading them in the correct order will give you A L F R E E.

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That’s right. The non-alcoholic beer that Lien is always carrying around is actually a puzzle solution. Bet you didn’t see that coming. But that’s not all! Now that you know what Tearer is trying to tell you, walk over to the nearby Alfree machine and interact with it. Select the top option and make Aiba pay for it. She’s an AI. What does she need money for? With that, this puzzle is solved and you can get back to chasing a very bizarre murderer.


Andrew Farrell
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