Trails Of Cold Steel Best Characters

All characters in Trails of Cold Steel NW, tier list

The best team requires the best characters.

Trails of Cold Steel NW has dozens of characters for you to make use of in your teams. Being able to field large team sizes allows for awesome synergies and combos. Here are all the characters in Trails of Cold Steel NW, ranked.

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Tier list of all Trails of Cold Steel NW characters

Below you’ll find a tier list of all the characters in Trails of Cold Steel NW. I’ve based this tier list on a mix of popular opinion and my own opinion on the characters’ abilities and strengths. Use this guide as a reliable way to see which characters are better than others.

Remember that the best tier list is the one you construct yourself, so experiment with your teams to see what works best for you.


S Tier Trails Of Cold Steel
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These Trails of Cold Steel NW characters are simply the best of the best. There are a lot more S-Tier characters than you’re used to seeing on a tier list, but there are just so many characters. If you find any of these characters, you’ll want to level them up and put them on your team immediately.

  • Rean Schwarzer
  • Rufus Albarea
  • Duvalie
  • Alissa Reinford
  • Sigmund Orlando
  • Alex Dudley
  • Alan Richard
  • Agate Cosner
  • Ennea
  • Mireille
  • Olivert Reise Arnor
  • Tia Plato
  • Lloyd Bannings
  • Ries Argent


Trails Of Cold Steel S Tier
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These A-Tier characters are all SSR and are incredibly powerful. They’ll make a good fit for any team, and if you play them right, they could even have S-Tier potential.

  • Laura S. Arseid
  • Elie MacDowell
  • Elliot Craig
  • Wazy Hemisphere
  • Scott
  • Kirika Rouran
  • Shirley Orlando
  • Rixia Moa
  • Kevin Graham
  • Joshua Bright
  • Fie Claussell
  • Lechter Arundel
  • Anelace Elfead
  • Julia Schwarz
  • Renne
  • Scherazard Harvey
  • Alfin Riese Arnor
  • Garcia Rossi
  • Randy Orlando
  • Estelle Bright
  • Claire Rieveldt
  • Rogan Mugart
  • Aeolia
  • Mueller Vander
  • Klaudia von Auslese
  • Towa Herschel
  • Lynn
  • Michel
  • Noel Seeker
  • Josette Capua
  • Zin Vathek


Trails Of Cold Steel Best
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These characters in Trails of Cold Steel NW are not to be shrugged off. All SR characters, they’ll make a formidable team when used correctly. Note that there are better characters out there, so don’t be afraid to swap them!

  • Morgan
  • Toval Randonneur
  • Grant
  • Gilbert Stein
  • Ernest Reis
  • Douglas
  • Gareth


Best Trails Of Cold Steel
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These characters aren’t exactly weak and are all solid SR characters, but there are so many other characters to choose from. You’ll get these characters at the beginning of the game, so you’ll want to sub them out soon, anyway.

  • Tita Russel
  • Lavian Winslet
  • Martin S. Robinson
  • Iseria Frost
  • Talion Drake


Best Character Trails Of Cold Steel
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The characters in D-Tier are all the R characters. You’ll only want to use these to fill any extra slots if there are no other better characters. Anything these characters can do, another character can do it better.

  • Mishy
  • Northern Jaegers
  • Imperial Army
  • Red Constellation

Now that you know the best characters to use in Trails of Cold Steel NW, you can form your team to be the best possible.

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