All Correct Deducktions In Duck Detective
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All correct deducktions in Duck Detective

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Throughout Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, you must put together a series of deducktions to solve the case. If you’re stuck on some of them, here are all correct deducktions in Duck Detective.

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Duck Detective: All correct deducktions

Whenever you collect clues in Duck Detective, they turn into words that can be used to complete deducktions. These are like fill-in-the-blank puzzles that further the story upon completion, similar to Margaret’s computer password puzzle. Here are all the correct deducktions in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami.

The Nest EggThe Duck Detective spent his/her last money on Bread for The Duck Detective.
The EntranceSophie is feeling Sad because Nobody has Remembered her Birthday.
The ClientLaura hired the Duck Detective because his/her Lunch was Stolen by a co-worker known as The Salami Bandit.
The SuspectsSophie the giraffe works as a Receptionist.
The bear is Manfred and he is the Branch Manager.
Laura the cat works in Customer Service.
The crocodile called Freddy works in the Operating Office.
More SuspectsMargaret the sheep works in Customer Service.
The penguin is Rufus and works as the Janitor.
Boris the buffalo is a Bus Driver.
The KitchenMargaret is planning a Surprise Birthday Party for Sophie.
The CulpritFreddy is being Framed by The Salami Bandit because Freddy picked up the Wrong Bag.
The BusinessSalamis are being Illegally Imported from Salsiccia.
The MessageSophie received a Silly Letter that contained a Scary Message.
The PresentsSophie received the following presents from her colleagues:
Laura gave a plushie.
Rufus gave a book.
Boris gave a necklace.
Nothing got stolen.
More BusinessSophie got Kidnapped because Sophie wanted to Snitch.
The ReceptionistManfred is the Salami Bandit because The Salami Bandit’s and his/her Handwriting are Identical.
The Salami BanditManfred is the Salami Bandit, because The Salami Bandit’s and his/her Handwriting are Identical.
The KidnappingSophie is at BearBus’s Office, in a Bus.
The InfatuationSophie is the Salami Bandit’s Accomplice because he/she used to date Boris and the Salami Bandit needed someone who could convince Boris into Helping.
The Dirty WorkBoris is the Salami Bandit’s Accomplice because the Salami Bandit needed someone who could easily carry out the Importing of the Salamis.

Besides the deducktions, there are other side puzzles you need to complete, such as the safe code puzzle.

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