Nuke Gunfight Arena
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All Gunfight Arena controls guide: How to Sprint, Reload, and Crouch on PC and Mobile

You'll be calling a nuke in no time.

You’re not going to get very far in a fast-paced FPS if you can’t move. This guide will help you learn all the controls for Gunfight Arena for Roblox on PC, Laptop, and Mobile.

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Gunfight Arena controls

Roblox can sometimes lack intuition, but that’s why I am here.

PC controls

  • Move – WASD
  • Crouch – C
  • Shoot – LMB
  • Aim – RMB
  • Reload – R
  • Grenade – G
  • Sprint – Shift
  • Double Sprint – Double-tap Shift
  • Swap Weapon – Mouse wheel or 1 + 2 on the number pad
  • Call in Kill Streak – Number Pad
  • Switch Camera – M

Mobile Gunfight Arena controls

  • Move – Left of screen
  • Crouch – Crouch button
  • Shoot – Tap Shoot
  • Aim – Hold Aim
  • Reload – R
  • Grenade – G
  • Sprint – Sprint on Screen
  • Double Sprint – Double tap Sprint
  • Swap Weapon – Weapon Swap button
  • Call in Kill Streak – Tap relevant Kill Streak
Gunfight Arena controls
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Arena Gunfight console controls

  • Move – Left Stick
  • Crouch – Circle
  • Shoot – Right Trigger
  • Aim – Left Trigger
  • Reload – Square
  • Grenade – G
  • Sprint – Left Stick Click
  • Double Sprint – Double Click Left Stick
  • Swap Weapon – Triangle
  • Call in Kill Streak – Right on D-Pad
  • Switch Camera – Left on D-Pad

Tips for getting better at Gunfight Arena

I have become godlike while playing Gunfight Arena, so you can rest assured you’re getting tips from the best.

Gunfight Arena Roblox
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Movement is everything. The worst thing you can do in Gunfight Arena is move slowly and stand still. The sprint and jump speeds are very fast, and returning to the aim state is also lightning quick. Don’t be afraid to use all your Gunfight Arena movement controls to the best of your advantage. Using the technique called sprint jumping will keep you airborne and a lot harder to hit. Simply sprint using the correct button and constantly spam jump. Make your head extra small for even less chance of a headshot.

Use your equipment. I’m not just talking about grenades but also your killstreaks. They are very easy to unlock and make a huge difference. Keep an eye on when you have managed to unlock your scanner and shield. They can change the course of the game. A well-placed grenade in Gunfight Arena can get you a ton of kills using the scanner function. You can listen to their rage on voice coms to make it all better.

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