Jak Aftermarket Parts Mw3 Season 4
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All JAK Aftermarket Parts in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Season 4 and how to unlock them

Let's get a little crazy.

Season 4 is upon us, and boy, are there a lot of JAK Aftermarket parts to unlock in Modern Warfare 3. Here is how to get your hands on them all.

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All Jak Aftermarket Parts in MW3 Season 4

There are a total of eight new JAK aftermarket parts to unlock for various weapons in Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3. Some only make minor changes, while others will be considered meta in no time.

JAK Harbinger Kit – M4 Assault Rifle

This is an obscene JAK Aftermarket part for Modern Warfare 3. It allows you to chamber the M4 for .50 cal rounds, lowering the fire rate but delivering absolute missiles. Expect recoil that will blow your shoulder out. You can unlock it by completing any five challenges from Week 1 of MW3 Season 4.

M4 Jak Aftermarket Part MW3
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JAK Gunslinger – Basilisk Handgun

A huge boost to the rate of fire and responsiveness to trigger with a .357 ammunition attachment. You can unlock it by completing any five weekly challenges of MW3 Season 4.

JAK Volkh – KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle

Why shoot one bullet when you could shoot two with this JAK Aftermarket part introduced in Modern Warfare 3 Season 4? Unlock it by Completing weekly challenges.

JAK Scimitar Kit – FJX Horus Submachine Gun

A drum mag and increased range and recoil are going to make the Horus a force of nature with this JAK Aftermarket part. Simply complete five Weekly challenges in MW3 Season 4 to acquire it.

JAK Thumper-656 – RGL-80 Launcher

More range and speed are the name of the game for this attachment. It can be acquired by completing weekly challenges.

JAK Requiem – Kastov 762 Assault Rifle

Wave goodbye to any verticle recoil with this JAKAftermarket Part for MW3 Season 4. Get it by completing five Season 4 MW3 Weekly challenges.

JAK Decimator – Lachmann Shroud Submachine Gun

Turn your Submachine gun into a bullet hose with this full-auto mod for the Lachmann. You can unlock and equip it in Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 by completing weekly challenges.

JAK Intimidator – Renetti Handgun

Take the more careful and precise approach by turning your Renetti into a single fire gun by unlocking this Jak Aftermarket part in Season 4. You can get it by completing weekly challenges in Modern Warfare 3.

If you’re looking to unlock Season 3’s JAK Aftermarket Parts, we got you.

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