All new maps for MW3 Season 2

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Call of Duty knows how to keep their player base coming back season after season. Now, with MW3 Season 2, we can expect a whole swathe of new maps to be added. The all-new theaters of war spread over almost all aspects of the game, giving so much more to play with.

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Season 2 MW 3 6v6 Maps

The first group of maps that will be featuring MW3 Season 2 are four all-new 6v6 multiplayer maps. They promise to bring fresh hell to the multiplayer scene and introduce some new and old elements.


Think Terminal but bigger for this new MW3 map. It’s based in an airport and features a range for all forms of combat. Short-range SMG gunplay or long-range Sniper fire are all looking to be worked into this medium-sized map for season 2.

Stash House

Absolute close-range mayhem is sure to ensue from this shoulder-to-shoulder death fest that makes Shipment look like a football field. Stash House is a very close-range, extra small map introduced for Season 2 of MW3. I expect to see it on a 24/7 rotation at some point for the perfect camo grind map.

All new maps for MW3 Season 2
Image via Activision


The beautiful mountainsides of Brazil are about to be alive with the sounds of gunfire. The luxurious mountain resort of Vista has a Shoot House style layout with multiple corridors, tight interiors, and long-range outside vantage points. It’s going to be a fast-paced MW3 map that has scope for some nice tactical spots throughout.

Das Haus

Navigating this construction site is going to require more than just a hard hat for safety. This is yet another small-size new map for MW3 Season 2. Das Haus is actually a remastered version of the Call Of Duty: Vanguard map with a much more open and airy feel. Expect close combat and fast-paced turnovers in this veritable XP farm.

Operation Tin Man (War Mode)

War mode is finally getting a facelift with Operation Tin Man. This all-new MW3 map for Season 2 features an airdrop to the top of a skyscraper and then a gradual battle to the bottom floor against the defending team. It is up to the attacking team to slowly push through the multiple floors, transporting a Wheelson through the piles of bodies, to finally hack data servers.

MW3 Season 2 Resurgence maps

It isn’t just multiplayer that is getting new maps for Season 2. Warzone Resurgence is also getting a breath of fresh air with the reintroduction of Fortune’s Keep. The returning map has a wealth of little nooks and crannies to explore, not to mention the various interactive missions.

Fortune’s Keep has a total of 11 areas of interest. These are as varied as mountainside fishing villages to towers nestled within towns located on the island. No matter where you and your squad drop in Fortune’s Keep, you’re guaranteed to have an engaging fight on your hands.

All new maps for MW3 Season 2
Image: Activision

MW3 Season 2 is keeping Fortune’s Keep engaging with numerous events throughout the season. One or two worth mentioning are the various Wonder Weapons available to find if you know where you’re looking. You can use these newly available weapons to battle it out on the second interesting addition to the new MW3 map.

Throughout the season, there is going to be a mobile point of interest located just off the coast of the island. Akin to the train of Warzone, this location will move around the map providing loot and a little something MW3 Season 2 is choosing to keep extra secret.

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