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All Origins Album rewards in Monopoly GO

Getting to know the Monopoly Man.

Now that the Heartfelt Holidays album has come to a close in Monopoly GO, the new album, Monopoly Origins, can begin, with a swathe of new rewards for those who fill up the sticker collections.

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How does the Monopoly Origins Album work in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly Origins is a Sticker Album in Monopoly GO. For the next dozen weeks, you’ll have to collect stickers to fill up all the sets to earn rewards. There are many sets to fill, and you’ll get well-rewarded for each one, with a grand prize for completing them all!

Duplicate stickers can be traded with other players for their duplicates that you don’t have, so being connected to Facebook can really help with completing your album.

There are 21 albums, each with nine stickers. That makes for 189 stickers to find! These stickers are sorted into rarities, from one-star to five-star, with five-star stickers being the rarest. There are also special Golden Stickers that seem to be a little rarer than their same-star counterparts. The difference, however, is that Golden Stickers can’t be traded with other players, except during a Golden Blitz event. But even that event limits you to two Golden Stickers.

Monopoly Go Origins Collections (1)
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There are two special Player Tokens and a Shield up for grabs in this event, so there’s even more motivation to fill the sets.

Here is a breakdown of the rarity of all stickers in the Heartfelt Holidays Album:

  • One-Star Stickers: 55
  • Two-Star Stickers: 40
  • Three-Star Stickers: 35
  • Four-Star Stickers: 21
  • Five-Star Stickers: 15
  • Golden Four-Star Stickers: 14
  • Golden Five-Star Stickers: 9

How to get stickers for Monopoly Origins in Monopoly GO

Stickers are earned through opening sticker packs, which have their own tiers. The better rating of the sticker pack, from one-star to five-star, will guarantee one sticker of its rarity and several other stickers. Better quality Sticker Packs also will output more stickers. There are also Galaxy Sticker Packs that guarantee a card you don’t have. These sticker packs may also be golden, which guarantees a golden sticker of the pack’s star value.

You can earn these packs in the following ways:

  • Quick Wins
  • Prize Drop
  • Wheel spins
  • Events (Milestone / Tournament / Partners / Other)
  • Item Shop (costs real money – be careful and cautious. Seek a guardian’s approval first if you’re under 18.)

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All Monopoly Origins Album Rewards in Monopoly GO

Here is a full list of rewards for the Monopoly Origins Album. I won’t be assigning cash values in case it is subjective for each player, like in other events.

Every collection tells a story, and these collections tell of the origins of many aspects of the game, from how the Monopoly Man came across the famous tokens to how he found his dog. I’m sure many players will be looking forward to the pictures telling these tales, I know I am!

The Grand Prize for completing all the below sets is 15,000 Free Rolls, Cash, and the Free Parking Car Player Token.

If you were to complete this album, in total, you’d have gained two new Player Tokens, one new shield, a huge sum of cash, and 30,400 Free Rolls. Now that’s a lot to roll for!

Sticker CollectionRewards
Best Beginnings175 Free Rolls and Cash
The Top Hat200 Free Rolls and Cash
Across the Board225 Free Rolls and Cash
The Battleship250 Free Rolls and Cash
On a Roll275 Free Rolls and Cash
The Thimble300 Free Rolls and Cash
Card Quest325 Free Rolls, Cash, and the Water Works Shield
The Iron350 Free Rolls and Cash
Maximum Occupancy400 Free Rolls and Cash
The Boot500 Free Rolls and Cash
Utility Fun600 Free Rolls and Cash
The Cannon700 Free Rolls and Cash
Free Parking800 Free Rolls, Cash, and the Fancy Duck Player Token
Railroad Tycoon900 Free Rolls and Cash
Tokenmania1,000 Free Rolls and Cash
Launch Day!1,200 Free Rolls and Cash
Fever!1,400 Free Rolls and Cash
Dogopoly1,600 Free Rolls and Cash
Game Awards1,800 Free Rolls and Cash
Ms Monopoly2,000 Free Rolls and Cash
GO!2,200 Free Rolls and Cash

Best strategy for Monopoly Origins in Monopoly GO

Trading Stickers In Monopoly Go
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If you want to finish Monopoly Origins to get all the rewards before it ends, you’ll need to start playing right away.

Tournaments and milestone events are the best way to net high-value Sticker Packs. It’s nonsensical to hit every single tournament and milestone event as hard as you can, as you simply won’t have the dice for it. Generally, make sure to hit every other tournament (depending on the prizes) as hard as you can to keep you in league with players with lower commitment, to ensure that you rank highly as often as you can.

With the milestone events, allow them to be a passive and background way to earn rewards as you push for the tournaments.

Make sure that you claim the Free Gift, Daily Treats, and complete all the Quick Wins every day to maximize the amount of Sticker Packs you get. Even if you mostly get Green Sticker Packs this way, you’ll still be collecting a lot of Stars that you can use to open vaults. The highest-value vault contains a Galaxy Sticker Pack!

This will only get you so far, though. Make sure to ask the Facebook group and your friends for Stickers that you need so you can trade with other players to help each other complete your sets. Make sure to often send other players your duplicate Stickers. You don’t need them, and I’m sure they’ll repay your generosity.

When will Monopoly Origins end in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly Origins started at 7pm ET on January 4. It will last for 84 full days, meaning it’ll end on March 28 at the same time. This is a pretty long time, but then there are 189 Stickers to collect!

Evenly spread, you’d have to collect two to three new cards every day to complete this collection before it ends.

Now that you’re square with the exciting new album, why don’t you find out how to send stars to another player in Monopoly GO?

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