All Poker Hands In Balatro
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All Poker Hands and their Chips and Mults in Balatro

What does it all mean?

To get good at Balatro, you need to know all the Poker Hands, how many Chips they give, and what their Mults are. Though you can look at this information within Balatro, you can also keep this page open until you memorize everything.

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Balatro: All Poker Hands, Chips, and Mults

There are nine Poker Hands in Balatro, just like in standard Poker. Though they can be leveled up via Jokers and other modifier cards, each Poker Hand has a set Chip amount and set Mult amount. The Chip amount is what is added when you achieve the Poker Hand and the Mult is the multiplier applied to the total Chip number after the entire score has been counted.

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Here are all the Poker Hands in Balatro and how they work:

  • High Card – After playing up to five cards, if none of them are a Poker Hand listed below, it’s a High Card. Can be anything from an Ace to a Two.
    • Chips – 5
    • Mult – 1
  • Pair – Two cards with the same number. The suit doesn’t matter. It can be played with up to three other cards.
    • Chips – 10
    • Mult – 2
  • Two Pair – Two pairs of cards. The suit doesn’t matter. For example, an Ace of Diamonds, an Ace of Spades, a King of Diamonds, and a King of Hearts. This can be played with one more card.
    • Chips – 20
    • Mult – 2
  • Three of a Kind – Three cards with the same number. The suit doesn’t matter. It can be played with up to two more cards.
    • Chips – 30
    • Mult – 3
  • Straight – Five number cards in a row. The suit doesn’t matter. For example, a King of Hearts, a Queen of Spades, a Jack of Clubs, a Ten of Clubs, and a Nine of Diamonds.
    • Chips – 30
    • Mult – 4
  • Flush – Five cards that share the same suit. The numbers don’t matter. For example, the Ace of Hearts, a Four of Hearts, a Six of Hearts, a Nine of Hearts, and a Jack of Hearts.
    • Chips – 35
    • Mult – 4
  • Full House – A Three of a Kind and a Pair. The rules for both of those Poker Hands apply to Full House, meaning suits don’t matter.
    • Chips – 40
    • Mult – 4
  • Four of a Kind – Four cards with the same number. The suit doesn’t matter.
    • Chips – 60
    • Mult – 7
  • Straight Flush – A Full House and a Flush. Five cards that share the same suit and are in a row. For example, the Two of Clubs, the Three of Clubs, the Four of Clubs, the Five of Clubs, and the Six of Clubs.
    • Chips – 100
    • Mult – 8

Keep in mind that even if the base Chips and Mult of a Poker Hand are set, they will be added to because of the individual cards you select, the Jokers you have, the Enhancements, and much more. You can also level up a Poker Hand so that the base Chips and Mult rise.

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