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AMD Zen 4 CPUs to feature improved temperature and power management

AMD Zen 4 CPUs

While AMD remains quiet about its upcoming Zen 4 CPUs, new leaks have come to light revealing what users can expect from the technology. According to Igor’s Lab, AMD will be improving temperature readings and power management with the release of  Zen 4 “Raphael” CPUs. The reports state that AMD is working to reduce issues with temperature readings and maximize power efficiency by implementing key changes to the upcoming CPUs.

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First off, AMD will update the way its cooler fans respond to sudden changes in temperatures using a revamped cooling system. Previously, Tcontrol (Tctl) was mainly used, which controlled cooling by changing the cooler’s fan speed. A high Tctl will make the fan spin at a faster speed, and a lower temperature will slow down the fan. However, this value does not represent the actual temperature of the CPU and is not indicative of how hot your processor is.


On the other hand, CUR_TEMP represents the current temperature, and it has been updated for Zen 4. The reports suggest that AMD will improve its CUR_TEMP filtering in order to reduce fan speed spikes. As such, sudden changes in temperature will reduce sporadic changes in fan speeds and inconsistent behavior. This should also help users achieve a smoother and quieter experience as a result.

AMD Zen 4 CPUs

In addition, Zen 4 CPUs will reportedly utilize a new power management system to maximize efficiency and reduce unnecessary power conversions. The CPUs are said to be limited to specific TDP ranges to achieve maximum power efficiency for prolonged periods of time. Previous reports already suggested that AMD may be limiting the number of cores on Zen 4 CPUs, so it isn’t surprising that power efficiency is being prioritized.

As with all other leaks, it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt until more information is revealed by AMD.

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