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While AOC is primarily known for its gaming monitors, the company is looking to expand its lineup of gaming accessories with multiple mechanical keyboards, mice, and a mousepad. With the new additions to AOC’s product portfolio, gamers can now build a full AOC gaming setup that can be synchronized through a new customization software.

The premium AGK700 keyboard comes in a sturdy aluminum casing with 115 programmable keys. The keyboard also features Cherry MX Blue/Red switches, 100% anti-ghosting, and n-key rollover. This allows the keyboard to detect multiple simultaneous keys and help professionals compete at a high level. The AGK700 also comes with a magnetic leather wrist rest to prevent discomfort after long gaming sessions.


The GK500 is AOC’s midrange keyboard that has a lot in common with the AGK700. Just like the premium model, the GK500 offers n-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting. However, the keyboard features 104 programmable keys and Outemu Red/Blue mechanical switches instead. Both the AGK700 and GK500 will include a braided USB cable and an extra set of W, A, S, D keys for good measure.

The entry-level GK200 keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard but features membrane switches that provide users with a close-to-mechanical experience. In addition, the GK200 is capable of lighting up your gaming room with rainbow light effects. Again, a detachable wrist rest comes with the keyboard for comfort purposes.

1000 Hz gaming mice are here.

Moving on to gaming mice, AOC will be releasing three different variants, each with 1000 Hz sampling rates for high precision gaming. The AGM700 is a high-end right-handed mouse with a Pixart 3389 sensor capable of 16000 Real DPI resolution. Customization is the mouse’s forte, as it even features weight adjustments with increments of 5g.  The main left and right buttons also use Omron switches that have a 50 million keystroke lifetime in order to increase durability.

AOC Gaming Accessories


AOC didn’t forget about those looking for an ambidextrous mouse. The GM500 gaming mouse works with both hands and supports a 5000 Real DPI resolution. Yet again, customization and robustness are the main talking points for the middle of the line model. Both the AGM700 and GM500 will come with a 1.8 m braided USB cable and gold-plated connector. Finally, AOC’s GM200 is a budget option for those looking for an entry-level gaming mouse without all the extra bells and whistles. With the GM200 comes a Pixart 3519 sensor capable of supporting a 4200 real DPI resolution.

To complete AOC’s gaming setup, the AMM700 mouse pad is made from a micro-textured cloth for swift movements and accurate tracking. You can also tweak the RGB LEDs surrounding the mouse pad to match your other gaming accessories. It is also important to note that AOC is offering a 2-year warranty with the purchase of each of the aforementioned gaming peripherals.

AOC’s new customization software.

With all this talk about customization, AOC has developed G-Tools, its very own mouse and keyboard customization software. This will allow users to configure keyboard and mouse buttons as well as control RGB effects. This software will be available for the 500 and 700 series of peripherals, with certain AGON models also being supported.

With the release of these gaming accessories, AOC is looking to further expand into the peripherals market in the near future.

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