Battlefield 2042 How To Disable Crossplay

One of the wonders of modern gaming is crossplay. It allows users of different platforms to play together, greatly increasing a game’s potential playerbase and lifespan. However, it isn’t for everyone, and some gamers like to stick to playing against those on the same platform as them. Fortunately, Battlefield 2042 makes it easy to disable crossplay.

Crossplay in Battlefield 2042 has some limitations. You cannot party up with someone on a different platform and then disable crossplay. Furthermore, crossplay cannot be disabled when you are already in a party, are matchmaking, or have already joined a server.


How to disable crossplay

Disabling crossplay in Battlefield 2042 is a simple task. First load up the game and head over to the options. From here you’ll want to go to General and then Other. In this section, there is an option for Cross-Play. Switch this to Off, and you are done. Yes, it’s that straightforward. While in these settings, some players may also find it useful to disable Share Usage Data for privacy reasons.

When crossplay is disabled. you will only match with other players on the same platform as you. For PC gamers, that means no PlayStation 5 or Series X/S players. Crossplay matchmaking in Battlefield 2042 is strictly platform-based and not input-based. So if you play on PC with a controller, disabling crossplay will result in you primarily playing against keyboard and mouse PC players.

Battlefield 2042 Disable Crossplay Setting

This is something to keep in mind, as mouse and keyboard lobbies will generally be more difficult. Battlefield is a first-person shooter that requires accuracy at extreme ranges, which is arguably easier to achieve with a mouse than with a controller.

Although disabling crossplay in Battlefield 2042 may result in a fairer experience, it has some downsides. Most notably, there will be times where the matchmaking algorithm cannot fill a lobby. This is especially common in All Out Warfare where 128 players are required. If this happens, bots are used to fill any empty spots.

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