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Best builds for winning Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen

Choose the right build for the job.

Crucibles are terribly tough challenges in Lords of the Fallen, so to take on these boss runs, you’ll want the best builds for the job.

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What is the best build for the Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen?

Considering how tough these Crucibles are, and what they take to unlock, most players trying to complete them will be using a character they’ve beaten the game at least once for this. This means that there is a huge freedom of build choice, as you can reset your stats and collect any weapon and armor you need.

There are two answers to the question of best builds for the crucible. You can either rock with whatever build you used to beat the game, as it’ll be familiar and you’ll be effective with it, or whatever build the next boss is weak to.

Considering you are spat back into Mournstead after beating a boss in the Crucible, and aren’t forced into combat with the next boss right away, you can completely change your build for each boss.

To reset your stat points in Lords of the Fallen, you must buy a Rebirth Chrysalis from Molhu and go to Pieta.

If you plan to change your build to take on each boss in Lords of the Fallen, instead of just using the same build you’ve been using, then I’ve got the ultimate guide for you.

Holy Beam In Lords Of The Fallen
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Best builds for the Crucibles in Lords of the Fallen

There is a selection of builds that could do you well with all of the bosses in Lords of the Fallen, although it would be wise to switch between them as you see fit. So have a look at all the following builds, and pick one for your fight ahead.

I have purposefully omitted armor recommendations as that will truly be different for every single boss you face, so there will be no objective armor set to help with all bosses as maximally as possible.

I have also omitted stat recommendations, as I don’t want to sway what works well for you. And besides, you don’t need me telling you to put points into the stats that increase weapon damage, as that much is obvious.

Numerous sources and my own in-game knowledge have been used to put these builds together. Feel free to tweak them as you see fit.

Limitless Hunter build

Here is the best ranged build I could put together for great damage.

Gear TypeGear Name
Weapon 1Jeffrey’s Dagger
Weapon 2Jeffrey’s Dagger
Ranged WeaponHarrower Dervler’s Crossbow
Bolt 1Twisted Bolts
Bolt 2Radiant Bolts
Bolt 3Cinder Bolts
PendantPrincesses’ Sting
Ring 1Blackfeather Ranger Ring
Ring 2Ring of Bones
Umbral Eye First SocketUmbral Eye of Lydia The Numb Witch

This build does punish you for missing shots, so make sure you’re accurate. Other than that, it does incredible damage and will have you ready for any one of the bosses. The Ring of Bones is included to keep you lightweight, so you can quickly dodge out of the way of enemy attacks since this build is reliant on ranged attacks. Make sure you spec your weight capacity accordingly.

As Jeffrey’s Dagger can only be obtained once per run, don’t worry too much if you don’t have two of them. The main damage will come from your crossbow, anyway, so you’ll scarcely be using any melee attacks. If you’re good enough, you could do without any melee weapons.

This is likely my favorite build, and I’m tempted to do the entire Crucible of the Lords challenge with this build exclusively.

Rhogar Warrior build

Here is the best Inferno build I could put together for bosses weak to fire.

Gear TypeGear Name
Weapon 1Grinning Axe / Bloodlust
Weapon 2Grinning Axe / Bloodlust
Ranged WeaponMiranda’s Touch
Spell 1Incinerating Blast
Spell 2Adyr’s Rage
Spell 3Adyr’s Hardiness
PendantPendant of Infernal Oblation
Ring 1Ring of Infernal Devotion
Ring 2Ring of Gnawing

This build is pretty straightforward. You’ll be using the Grinning Axes or Bloodlusts to mow down and set your opponents ablaze while taking advantage of the Inferno sorceries to buff yourself to deal even more damage. This build is incredibly fun and is a great pick for any boss weak to fire damage.

Considering the Grinning Axes are so powerful, you could likely stick with this build for most of the Crucible challenges. It’s very simple to use, unlike the prior build, and has a stupidly high damage output. Just don’t be too greedy, as always.

Radiant Lord build

Gear TypeGear Name
Weapon 1Ravager Gregory’s Greatsword
CatalystWilmarc’s Catalyst
Spell 1Piercing Light
Spell 2Radiant Weapon
Spell 3Divine Arms
Spell 3Sanctify
PendantWarrior’s Claw
Ring 1Defaced Ring
Ring 2Ring of Duty
Umbral Eye First SocketUmbral Eye of Loash
Umbral Eye Second SocketUmbral Eye of Rosamund

This build allows you to gain health back rather rapidly during the fight, and with the metric being tied to your damage, a powerful weapon such as Ravager Gregory’s Greatsword is particularly needed. This build is also a great pick for any boss that’s weak against Radiance, as it makes you a powerhouse despite its healing capabilities.

The soul of this build comes from the Umbral Eyes that are used, so feel very welcome to tweak other aspects of the build if you feel something else suits you better. Just make sure to use a damaging weapon, and the healing loop will be good to go.

Now that you’re equipped with all the best builds to dominate the Crucibles, all you need to do now is get good.

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