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Fire Emblem Engage features a wide variety of characters from various walks of life. One such character is Anna, a youthful merchant who obsesses over money and product lines when she’s not busy in battle. She has some impressive stats and a growth rate that make her a good addition to most lineups. Here’s our guide on the best class and gifts for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class and gifts for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage

After you first recruit Anna in the Mysterious Merchant paralogue, she joins your party as an Axe Fighter. While she can do some damage in that class, it’s not her specialty. You’ll want to take advantage of her Mag, Dex, and Spd stats by going in a different direction.

To get the most out of Anna, change her base class to a Mage, a Martial Monk or an Axe Flier and build from there. The Mage class requires proficiency with Magic. The Martial Monk requires Staff proficiency. When you reach a high enough level as your chosen base class, move on to an Advanced class such as the Sage, Mage Knight, or Griffin Knight.

Fire Emblem Engage Anna Emblem Class Change

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In Fire Emblem Engage, characters gain proficiencies beyond their initial options by bonding with Emblems, which teach proficiencies based on their attack style as the bond level improves. Good matches for Anna are Micaiah (who imparts the Staff and Magic proficiencies), Lyn, Marth, and Celica. The last three Emblems on that list teach abilities that allow Anna to become a lethal magic user. For instance, Lyn imparts the Speedtaker and Alacrity++ abilities.

If you have the option when you first recruit Anna, prioritize gaining the desired secondary proficiencies from Micaiah over advancing through the campaign. You can speed up the process by spending Bond Shards to initiate Emblem matches at the Training Sigil in the Arena.

Fire Emblem Engage Anna Likes Dislikes

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To get on good terms with Anna, carefully consider any gifts you give her. In addition to the Spirit Gem, she likes items you can acquire at the flea market. Good options include the Large Plate, Sewing Kit, Utility Knife, and Cute Apron. Avoid giving her more affordable gifts such as the Dried Meat, the Spooky Scroll, or Horse Manure. They’re not what she wants.

Note: For more, check out our Fire Emblem Engage guides and features hub.

Fire Emblem Engage can be purchased on the Nintendo Store.

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