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Jean is an optional character in Fire Emblem Engage. You’ll want to add him to your party to take advantage of his powerful support abilities. Here’s our guide on the best class and gifts for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class and gifts for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Jean first appears in the Budding Talent paralogue, as a Martial Monk. You must rescue the village he defends by his father’s side. Have Alear talk to Jean during the conflict to gain control. The lad will join your party once you clear the event. Then you can decide what to do with your newest team member.

To make the most of Jean and his abilities, continue training him as a Martial Monk and then change his class to High Priest. Jean is one of the most capable healers in the game, but he is somewhat fragile. You need to compensate for his weak defense to keep your healer active and healing.

Fire Emblem Engage Jean Class Change

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Once you can, pair Jean with Micaiah, an Emblem who teaches useful abilities such as Silence Ward, Healing Light, and Staff Mastery 5. Together, these abilities increase the effectiveness of any healing efforts the High Priest class allows. Bonding with Roy at a high level to learn Hold Out+++ allows Jean to survive a potentially killing blow, which can make all the difference in a close contest.

The High Priest class is good with Staffs, but can use Magic tomes if you prefer. In that case, you’ll want to pair Jean with Celica for increased Magic and Resistance. He’s generally better off with a Staff, however.

Fire Emblem Engage Jean Gift Recipient

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When the time comes to share the spoils of war with Jean, the best gifts are relaxing goods such as Tea Leaves, the Poetry Book, and the Philosophy Book. The Dragon Scripture, Elyos History, Field Guide, Butterfly Net, and Bandages also work. Jean is all about keeping things mellow.

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