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Yunaka is a surprisingly talkative and self-incriminating Thief you meet early in your tour of Fire Emblem Engage. She favors knives and stealth when you first make her acquaintance. That preference may not seem exciting, but ignoring Yunaka would be a mistake. Here’s our guide on the best class and gifts for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best class and gifts for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage

When you meet Yunaka in Chapter 6 of the campaign, she may come off as a fairly disposable character. Knives don’t have a lot of obvious strengths in Fire Emblem Engage, especially when a unit faces off with heavily armored foes. However, deep value lies just below the surface.

To get the most out of Yunaka, leave her as a Thief and focus on abilities that utilize her innate Speed and Dexterity. Though many classes have a cap at level 20, a Thief can keep going until they hit level 40. Don’t be afraid to let Yunaka do precisely that. As she gains levels and her stats improve, she gains an advantage against slower opponents. She frequently attacks before they do, and even if they survive long enough to counter, she dodges most retaliation. In that sense, she’s more an assassin than a thief.

Fire Emblem Engage Yunaka Thief With Lyn

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Pair Yunaka with an Emblem that allows her to use her Dodge abilities to their fullest effect. By joining with Corrin, she can use Vein Effect to alter the terrain and improve her likelihood of avoiding attacks. By joining with Lyn, she is more likely to strike twice before the enemy gets a chance to move. When that tendency is paired with a powerful knife or possibly a long-range bow, she becomes a lethal killer capable of standing toe-to-toe with powerful adversaries.

As Yunaka inherits abilities, focus on the ones that improve her Dexterity or Avoid ratings. If you plan to stick with knives, consider learning Knife Precision 5 from Leif. Lucina imparts the Dexterity +5 skill, which is also useful and a nice complement to Yunaka’s existing strengths. Finally, the Perceptive+ and Lunar Brace+ skills ensure that when Yunaka attacks first, she hits extra hard.

Fire Emblem Engage Yunaka Gift Recipient

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Back at The Somniel, you can buy gifts to give to Yunaka. She favors items that recognize her strength, such as Training Weights and Muscle Balm, or weapons such as the Utility Knife, Sharp Chisel, and the Fancy Dagger. She won’t turn down good reading in the form of a Poetry Book, either.

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