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Best early-game Pals to collect

Best Pals

Just like its spiritual predecessor, Pokemon, Palworld gives you a small selection of Pals to choose from when you first set out. Grabbing one of these is essential, but from there, the world is our oyster. Here are what I think are the best early-game Pals to collect.

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Starter Pal

There are three Pals that will be immediately available when you first drop into Palworld. As expected they are each quite specific to my tastes and, as such, this is really up to your preferences. However, I feel that there is one Pal that I think is, for sure, the first Pal you should catch.

Big Pal in Palworld
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Foxparks is, for me, the standout starter Pal in Palworld. This small foxlike creature can belch flame, meaning it can light fires and burn other Pals. Getting Foxparks in your team early on will make catching other Pals and safely adventuring out into the world much easier. You will find this cute creature almost immediately.

Building your early-game team in Palworld

Once you have at least one Pal in your arsenal, whichever it is, it’s time to get out there and start building your army. I would suggest getting as many of the little fluffy guys around you as possible. Easy ones to catch are Lamball and Chikipi. They aren’t great at much, but getting up to ten of them caught in your Paldeck will give you a fantastic headstart on XP. However, once you need a work and war party, I would suggest these as the best early-game Pals for Palworld.


Don’t brush this little guy off as a cute little monkey. He is an absolute workhorse on the farm and a killer on the battlefield. Tanzee is a great jack of all trades for the early game of Palworld. If you check its stats, you will notice that it has a wide array of skills available to use on the farm, ranging from logging to harvesting. This means that with a full team of Tanzee, you can get a lot done while you’re out exploring.

Tanzee in Palworld
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However, Tanzee isn’t just a farm hand. Once you unlock the rifle on the Technology tree, Tanzee can march into battle with a gun. Tanzee’s partner skill is a great ranged attack that can make all the difference in Palworld boss battles. Tanzee is a good way to have a group of all-rounder Pals early-game in Palworld.


early-game Pals in Palworld

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Lifmunk excels on the farmstead having a huge range of skills. Grabbing a couple of these for your Palworld early-game team will ensure you don’t end up lacking on the resources front. They can cover most bases for your needs early on. However, I wouldn’t try taking them into the field. They are strong enough to defend themselves, but I wouldn’t recommend facing them off against Alpha Pals.


This early-game Pal is workshy as all hell but will steamroll most Pals you find out in the wild. I would recommend having at least one of these on your team for a few reasons. The first is the power it has on attack. It sits significantly above most of the other Pals and can easily destroy most things in the early game in seconds.

early-game Pals in Palworld
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The second great use for Eikthydeer is the ability to ride it into battle. Once you manage to research the harness, you can mount the Eikthydeer and speed across the map, using the power of this early-game Pal to your advantage. This is great for both traversing the map and also having a lot more control in the fight. You can dodge, duck, dive, dodge, and duck your way around attacks.

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