Best build for Eve in Stellar Blade
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Best Eve build in Stellar Blade: Exospines, Gear, and Skills

Turn Eve into an offensive machine.

Building a powerful Eve build in Stellar Blade can take some work. There is a lot that goes into it such as Exospines, gear, beta and burst skills, etc. With this guide, you’ll learn how to create one of the best Eve builds in Stellar Blade.

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How to make the best Eve build in Stellar Blade

This guide breaks down the best Exospines, gear, and skills to choose to create the absolute best build in Stellar Blade. Use the table of contents below to jump around the page if you wish.

Best Exospines in Stellar Blade

Best build and exospines in Stellar Blade
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Exospines are equipped to Eve to gain passive buffs such as increased attack power, quicker Beta buildup, and more. While you originally only start with one slot available, you soon unlock a second one to make Eve even more powerful. Here are the two best Exospines to equip to Eve and their upgrade paths:

  • Beta Trance-Type Exospine
    • Level 1: Increases Beta Energy recharged by 12%.
    • Level 2: Attack power of Beta Skills increases by 12%.
    • Level 3: Successful Beta Skill hits have a chance to place you in a Trance. Beta Skills won’t consume Beta Energy in Trance mode.
  • Protection-Type Exospine
    • Level 1: Damage received from enemies decreases by 10%.
    • Level 2: Shield’s Protection Level increases by one at maximum
    • Level 3: Has a chance to restore HP for 5 seconds while Guarding or Parrying when HP is 20% or less

The two Exospines mentioned above turn Eve into an offensive machine. The Beta-Trance Exospine not only allows you to use beta skills more often, but it also increases their damage output. You’ll start to notice that smaller enemies become trivial and bosses become more manageable with the Beta Trance Exospine equipped.

As for the Protection-Type Exospine, it simply increases Eve’s survivability in combat. Each hit you take in combat will deal less damage, you’ll have more shield to protect your health bar, and you even have the opportunity to gain health back when blocking and parrying. That last point is especially helpful considering the effect kicks in when you only have 20% health left, meaning it can literally be lifesaving.

Best Gear in Stellar Blade

Best Eve build in Stellar Blade
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You’ll start Stellar Blade with only one gear slot. As you collect the necessary materials, you can upgrade to four slots in total. Here are the best gear pieces to equip to Eve in Stellar Blade:

  • Combat Supply Gear: Upon enemy’s defeat, recovers HP.
  • Shield Enhancement Gear: Max Gear +300
  • Beta Charge Gear: Bonus Beta Energy Recharge
  • Perfect Combat Gear: Attack Power when High HP +11.5%

The four gear pieces above are rated three stars, the highest possible rating. First, we have the Combat Supply Gear, which recovers HP every time you defeat an enemy. Upon reaching midway and endgame of Stellar Blade, you’ll notice a significant increase in enemies. Having this gear equipped can keep you alive longer without even having to use your health potions.

Shield Enhancement Gear is straightforward, providing a 300 boost to your shield. This simply protects your health bar for a longer time, allowing you to take more hits from enemies before taking actual damage.

The Beta Charge Gear and Perfect Combo Gear can make the best Eve build in Stellar Blade even stronger. Similar to the Exospines, these two gear pieces aim to improve Eve’s offensive capabilities. Beta Charge fills up your Beta skill bar quicker, allowing you to execute special abilities more often, while Perfect Combo Gear increases your overall attack power. 

Best Beta and Burst skills in Stellar Blade

Best build in Stellar Blade. Best skills
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now it’s time to discuss which skills to pick for the best Eve build. Considering you need to spend SP points to upgrade skills, it’s smart to only focus on two Beta skills and two Burst skills. Here is what you should choose:

  • Triplet (Beta)
  • Shield Breaker (Beta)
  • Tempest (Burst)
  • Descending Break (Burst)

Triplet and Shield Breaker complement each other so well. Shield Breaker is designed to damage your enemy’s shield quicker, allowing you quicker access to the normal health bar. Once that happens, unleash Triplet to lunge Eve forward for an ridiculously high-damage attack. Once mastered, these two together can make any boss feel easy.

As for Burst Skills, I recommend Tempest and Descending Break. The former is great at crowd control as it has the highest area of effect in the game. Meanwhile, Descending Break deals the most damage.

Once you equip all the Exospines, gear, and skills mentioned in this guide, you’ll see a massive improvement in Eve’s potential. This is hands down the best Eve build in Stellar Blade. Remember, if you end up not liking your build, you can always respec and adjust.

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