Best free recruits to choose in a Twisted Path to Renown
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Best free recruits to choose in A Twisted Path to Renown

Free recruits are not very good, but you have to start somewhere.

The hardest decision you’ll make at the start of your A Twisted Path to Renown journey is deciding which free recruit to pick. This guide is designed to help you choose as it will explain which free recruits are best to start out with.

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A Twisted Path to Renown: Which free recruit should you choose?

Selecting the right free recruit in A Twisted Path to Renown can make or break whether you survive a match and complete an extraction. For the most part, free recruits will have debuffs toward certain stats.

When it comes to choosing a free recruit, you want to make sure you select one that doesn’t have any debuffs toward the following stats: Stamina, Stamina Regeneration, Sprinting Speed, and Strength. These four stats are crucial in survival and having any debuffs towards them can make the overall experience significantly more challenging. A debuff in any other stat is okay.

Free Recruits A Twisted Path To Renown
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Some examples of who not to choose are characters that have “-15% Stamina Regeneration” or “-10% Sprinting Speed.” If you ever see a negative next to a number on the stats mentioned previously, you should avoid them at all costs to increase your chances of success. Unless, however, you want to challenge yourself and essentially increase the difficulty.

Since the names and stats of the free recruits change on a timed basis, it’s impossible to provide you with the names of the actual recruits. But to recap, just make sure you are avoiding any debuffs towards Stamina, Stamina Regeneration, Sprint Speed, and Strength.

How to get better recruits in A Twisted Path to Renown

For the most part, there won’t be any free recruits available at the start of the game that give you a bonus or increase to important stats. That said, as you continue to play matches, level up, and gain money, you will have the opportunity to purchase recruits that increase the crucial stats mentioned earlier. For example, “+5 Stamina.” In other words, continue to play through matches and do your best to extract to eventually gain access to better recruits with stronger stats.

Hopefully, this guide has directed you in the right direction on which free recruit to pick in A Twisted Path to Renown. Before you enter a match, make sure to read our guide on how to prevent and cure dehydration. Dehydration is a status effect that can affect your overall performance.

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