10 best games like Grounded
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10 best games like Grounded

Welcome to the Survival Crafting genre.

Grounded offers players a unique, whimsical adventure where even safe places like the backyard are fraught with danger. Life in miniature is thrilling, and it’s even better with friends. The issue is, once you’ve beaten Grounded, what else is there? Fear not. Let me show you the 10 best games like Grounded.

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The top 10 best games like Grounded

These titles are in no particular order, but each offers something that Grounded fans will find familiar.


10 best games like Grounded
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Let’s start this list hot with a game that should need no introduction. Valheim is a third-person, open-world survival game that can be enjoyed solo or with friends.

While there’s obvious Viking inspiration, Valheim isn’t afraid to throw mythical creatures into the mix. There are decent base-building mechanics, and the procedurally generated worlds beg to be explored.

A word of warning; Valheim takes the “survival” part of the genre literally, and you will be fighting for your life until you master combat. Fighting is intuitive but still takes some time to get used to. If you’re after a more relaxed experience, other titles, like the next one on this list, may be more suitable.


Raft 1
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Raft is my favorite game on this list and cements itself as a solid survival crafting game with an overarching mystery to solve.

You start on a tiny square of floating wood with nothing but water as far as you can see. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources in the sea, like driftwood, and you can start building a floating home before you know it.

While Raft is a constant battle for survival (food and water management is critical), there’s plenty to explore and an impressive number of building options.

One of Raft’s greatest strengths is it doesn’t overwhelm you with complicated menus and systems. Like Grounded, Raft is beautifully accessible. If you’re happy to trade garden horrors for sharks, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here.

No Man’s Sky

Image: Hello Games

Few games can boast a redemption arc quite like No Man’s Sky. Hello Games’s space exploration masterpiece is a stunning sandbox full of incredible planets to explore. There’s so much to do, from trading spaceships to base building and an overarching goal you can pursue in your own time.

No Man’s Sky offers an impressive amount of content, but nothing compares to the seamless transition from space to the planet’s surface. I hate using over-the-top words like “breathtaking,” but that’s the best way to describe it. I’ve never seen space exploration done so well, even in much newer space-faring titles.

No Man’s sky begs to be explored, and while there is an overarching goal, you can pursue it at your own pace.


10 best games like Grounded
Image: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

While Subnautica isn’t co-op without mods (check out our guide on how to set it up), it ticks so many boxes for players looking to scratch that Grounded itch.

Like most games on this list, there’s a decent story holding everything together, but you’re not pressed with any kind of time frame. Once you’re used to Subnautica’s mechanics, you can explore the ocean and even build a home base.

There are light survival elements, like hunger management, but it’s very manageable. Subnautica is also one of the few games on this list to have a sequel. Below Zero is a fantastic follow-up to the original, although I recommend trying Subnautica first.

While it’s not marketed as such, Subnautica is sometimes pretty scary. The fear of the unknown is very real, and it’s unnerving to never know what’s lurking under the water’s glassy surface.

Stardew Valley

10 best games like Grounded
Image: Concerned Ape

Putting Stardew Valley on the list feels like a stretch, but the titles have much in common.

There are light survival mechanics in Stardew Valley and even some basic combat for good measure. If you’re into base building, you can make the farm of your dreams, and there’s so much optional content to explore you’ll be busy for hundreds of hours.

Relationship building, exploring, fishing, fighting; Stardew Valley has it all. There’s also an exceptional modding community.

Stardew Valley is easily the ‘coziest’ game on this list, but it’s an almost perfect co-op experience where you dictate the pace. A beautiful story unfolds as you become a resident of Stardew Valley, and there is plenty to explore alongside your farm duties.


10 best games like Grounded
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I debated putting Palworld on this list, but it ticks many boxes. Palworld is a stunning open world inhabited by creatures called Pals. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen all the comparisons to Pokemon, but Palworld leans far more heavily into survival and crafting.

You can build impressive bases in Palworld and even have your Pals complete tasks in your settlement.

There are multiple biomes, each with unique hazards and inhabitants, and while you can catch whatever you see, you don’t have to.

Unlike Grounded, Palworld barely has an end goal or story beyond a few suggested objectives, and it’s pretty rough around the edges. That said, there’s a reason Palworld set records across the industry, and it’s a ‘must play’ in the survival genre.


10 best games like Grounded
Image: Re-Logic

Terraria certainly doesn’t look the part for a Grounded-like title, but it has more gameplay similarities than you may think.

Re-Logic’s Terraria is a 2D survival crafting game with mountains of content. There’s so much to explore across dozens of biomes, each with unique hazards and ecosystems. While there’s not much of a story, there’s a clear progression system as you always look for the next boss to defeat.

If you’re into base building, you’re in for a treat as Terraria tasks you with constructing an entire village! Vendors will stay in your town if you meet their requirements and you’re only limited by your creativity. Terraria isn’t a new game, but there’s a reason it commands a tremendous player count to this day.

Don’t Starve

Dont Starve
Image: Klei Entertainment

Survival is a big part of every game on this list, but few make you value your life quite like Don’t Starve. While this title started as a single-player adventure, it can be enjoyed with friends in the standalone multiplayer expansion, Don’t Starve Together.

In Don’t Starve, you explore an unforgiving wilderness full of unique creatures and biomes. As the name implies, you’ll need to figure out a food supply if you don’t want to succumb to an empty stomach. There’s also a day and night cycle where you’ll quickly learn how unforgiving the twilight hours can be.

While I have a soft spot for the atmosphere and art style of Don’t Starve, this is a challenging game and can be a little frustrating. This title punishes new players, and that’s no different for group play. If you enjoy the thrill of exploring the unknown and don’t want your hand held, Don’t Starve may provide the stroll through the woods you’re after.

Smalland – Survive the Wilds

10 best games like Grounded
Image: Merge Games

If you’re looking for a game that feels eerily similar to Grounded, Smalland – Survive the Wilds is for you.

Smalland feels like a cross between Grounded and Fern Gully. There’s more of a fantasy twist, but many things you know and love about Grounded are here. Crafting is accessible, you can make a base, there’s a mysterious world ripe for exploring, and there’s multiplayer.

Many players like their survival crafting games full of crafting options to tune their creations to their liking. Compared to many popular games in the genre, Smalland has fairly basic crafting options. I don’t think this is a detriment, but if you’re a genre veteran, you may prefer other titles on this list.


Image: Inflexion Games

If you’re open to early access titles, you may enjoy the final entry on this list. Nightingale is a survival crafting adventure game set in the Fae Realms.

The Fae Realms are stunning, and each area has a distinct theme. Survival is your top priority, but there’s plenty of room for base building, and you can construct some outstanding structures later on.

Nightingale is in early access at the time of writing, so expect bugs and balancing issues. Crafting, in particular, has several unnecessary steps that stop the process from feeling smooth. While this may deter the average player, I find it a real treat to explore games like this in their rawest form, knowing that anything can change in future patches.

Grounded offers a unique, accessible survival crafting experience, and while nothing on this list feels like a Grounded 2, they share many similarities.

If you’re into first-person shooters, make sure you check out our list of the best games like Bioshock.

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