Best Graphics Settings For Senuas Saga Hellblade 2
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Best graphics settings for Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2

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Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 has some of the richest graphics in gaming, so what are the best graphics settings for it? Unreal Engine 5 is showing off in this Ninja Theory game, so how can you make it look good while playing smoothly as well?

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Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2: Best graphics settings

While playing Hellblade 2 on PC, I had many options to choose from when messing with the graphics. From upscalers to advanced texture quality settings, knowing the best options to choose for the nicest experience can be difficult. Let’s review some of my most recommended graphics settings for Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2.


Depending on your graphics card, you may have different options for your upscaler. I was able to use Nvidia DLSS, but if you have AMD or Intel there are options for you as well. Pick whichever correlates to your graphics card, then choose from the various Super Resolution options.

Performance vs. Graphics

  • Best Graphics Settings For Senuas Saga Hellblade 2 Performance Mode
  • Best Graphics Settings For Senuas Saga Hellblade 2 Graphics Mode

Choosing between Performance and Graphics mode can be tough since it’s a personal option. While I can play many games in Performance mode without issue since I prefer 60 fps, many gamers may prefer Graphics mode for a better-looking experience, despite having lower frame rates.

I think you should go for Balanced or Graphics mode. Performance mode may be good if you’re experiencing an onslaught of framerate drops, but Balanced and Graphics mode never ran that choppy for me. Performance mode just made the game look worse, so I couldn’t handle turning it on.

Advanced Settings

  • Low Settings
  • High Settings

Although I have a great GPU (GeForce RTX 3060ti), the game automatically set all the graphics under Advanced Settings to Low for me. I’m not sure if that means Low is what it can most easily handle, but even on Low the graphics looked gorgeous.

If your PC can handle it, jump to High settings because this is the type of game you want to look incredible. But in my opinion, the differences between Low, Medium, and High were minuscule. I was playing the game on Low for the first hour and had no idea. It’s beautiful regardless. It’s just a matter of how beautiful your PC can make it.

In the images above, the only differences you can see are in the environments. Although you can tweak each of these Advanced Settings, changing the overall preset from Low to High mainly adjusted the foliage density in the background. Senua still looked sharp as ever, despite the jump from High to Low. If you want to tweak a few of the Advanced Settings, here are the ones that I would prioritize being set higher:

  • Post-Processing Quality
  • Reflection Quality
  • Global Illumination Quality
  • Texture Quality
  • Foliage Detail

Now that you’ve figured out the best graphics settings for Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2, you may also be wondering if you can play it on the Steam Deck.

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